Relation Between Loneliness and Technologies

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With the rapid growth of technology, the digital world is at our fingertips now. Technology is almost used for everything today. There is no doubt that it has lifted the quality and ease of communication however the majority of the people are feeling more connected online whereas in real life they feel isolated and lonely.

With the assistance of technology social media websites: Facebook, Instagram, and tweeter as many more- are increasingly being involved in every individual’s life. Amidst this growing communication what we do not realize is that there is a profound difference between online communication and real-life interactions.

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Sherry Turkle professor of the social studies of science states in her book- Alone together-“ The world is now full of modern Goldilockses, people who take comfort in being in touch with a lot of people whom they also keep at bay.”

The words themselves emphasize how we stay in touch with everyone we prefer yet stay detached. Despite increased communication, we are all alone for which she also quotes -“ we feel, at one moment, in possession of a full social life and, in the next, curiously isolated, in tenuous complicity with strangers.”

Technology has brought forward numerous ways of entertaining oneself or gaining knowledge. At this time television, computers, laptops, and cellphone mostly are the daily partners of almost every human being. These gadgets accompanied by the internet have made it possible to watch any movie, documentaries, or play video games at anytime a person feels like. Moreover, knowledge is now at your fingertips- don’t understand anything? Just search the internet!

A report commissioned by the DCMS on 3 May 2016 had a detailed explanation of how a handful of people had stopped going to the library- because they have ebooks.

Even the BBC in 2016 has reported that 343 libraries have been shut down since 2010.

The point of this article information is that libraries in the past have been a means of people interacting and meeting each other on a daily or weekly basis. Many friendships have had started from library study. What this generation would never enjoy is the merriness derived from studying or researching in a group using books.

Staying cornered at someplace and gaining information might make individuals more knowledgeable but it is creating a great wall between everyone- they seem to always be sucked inside their phones or gadgets.

This generation tends to overdose on digital media. Everything that makes us human seems to have changed. We are searching for the special other thought dating apps- machines which through some small details state that the perfect match has been made. The enjoyment of actually meeting and spending time to be in love seems to have dissolved.

We are trusting the people in our friend list and constantly arguing in our head about how close of a friend the person is through the conversation done via texts.

Most of this generation especially teenagers tend to value themselves through their number of followers, likes, and validating comments on posts. There is always a pressure to be socially accepted and celebrated which has pushed a majority to lose real connection with their surrounding people and even themselves to develop a persona.

Beverly D. Flaxington teacher at Suffolk university wrote an article giving examples of how social media pressure had isolated students and teenagers to compete and in the process even lose their contact with themselves and lack any real form of relationship causing them to feel alienated from society.

Some people might argue that technology itself is not the problem but the way some people use it is the main issue here. Yes, it is true but the virtual world is tempting. These new machines and their ability to bring changes to the normal way of living change the pattern of human nature and their daily life. Self-control requires a lot of strength and you cannot expect someone who has been using technology since right after birth to not be dependent on it! Excess of anything is toxic but this generation has been dozing on the new creations of technology and their life is to some extent full dependent on it. Social media comforts them with the company of virtual presence and when they stay away from their hatchets they tend to feel lonely and feel a void.

Some argue that technology doesn’t make us alone but it fills in the gap of feeling lonely by providing alternatives to passing time. What they do not realize is that people use it to get away from reality. There are gatherings but everyone seems to be on their phone interacting with people thousands of miles away.

In reality, they are alone. If their phone or ways of communication is taken away from them then it is likely that after some time they would realize that they have no real friend or connection.

Seeing all the aspects we could surely admire technology for helping us with better quality but accept that it is making us alone through its nature of working and keep it in our control to not fall under its spell and detach ourselves from the surrounding.

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