Relation Between Money and Happiness


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 Bliss. An inclination that comes over you when you realize life is great and you can’t resist the urge to grin. In any case, numerous individuals groups alternate points of view of satisfaction. Many state money can buy you happiness because it gives them the feel of closure and power. Yet, it just leads to greed and mental issues. Yes, money helps pay off your needs but, the satisfaction is limited. Money cannot buy you love, friends, or any state of mind. It is desired by many but could not buy everything. For Example memories with a significant other. Money truly could not afford that. In reality, money is originally a method of payment or value but it is NOT made to determine one emotion. Happiness is not determined by what your bank account can afford, it is simply appreciating the small things life brings you.” Money causes a lot of frustration and sadness in the world but also remains at the same time a powerful weapon”-Jan Jansen Easy Branches. From reading, “The Pursuit of Happiness “ by Harvard Health Publishing. I have concluded that money does not define one’s happiness. Cash can’t get you the feeling you get from adoration and fondness and cash can’t get you everything.

Cash can’t get you the feeling you get from adoration and fondness. Love is a wonderful feeling expressed by others, with oily it would have an impact on their mental health. Friends and family could help bring that feeling of eternal joy in your life that money could never buy. If you have genuine relationships with people they will stay by your side no matter what, but if you buy with the money they will leave you as soon as your possessions are gone. According to the source,” Source 4: The Pursuit of Happiness “, it states, “The Harvard Study found a strong connection between happiness and close relationships with a spouse, family, and friends.”Emotionally, money can satisfy the mental aspect of a person but, it can allow a person to feel security. As people get older, researchers found the behavior associated with an increased level of happiness due to the realization of how short life is, therefore, their importance is what makes them happy. For example, if you were to compare a senior citizen of wealth versus a senior citizen that bases their earnings would on Social Security.

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Cash can’t purchase everything. Yes, money can buy shelter, food, clothes, etc. You could also use the money to buy an education and become book smart but you have to learn how to deal with reality or real-life situations. Money is a basic desire in our lives that could purchase necessities but not real-life lessons that need to be learned. Money is the providing tool to allow you the basic needs but, not the resolution to solving or find a solution to areas of health, braving of social network, and satisfaction of mental stability. They say “money and a bitch he tiles it all evil” but, money is the deterioration of happiness. In America, you are defined by your status base on the value you golf financially. “Consumers don’t have the luxury of endless deficit spending, though menu act as if they do. They spend money compulsively while ignoring their deteriorating…”. Consumers tend to allow themselves to fall within that stigma when debt is the number one thing we as a whole face in our daily lives. For example, a medical doctor who is well established in their area of studies but faces the challenges of student loans that are unmanageable…

In conclusion, I believe that money cannot buy happiness because it cannot buy love and affection and cannot purchase everything. You can buy a fancy object, but an average object will do the same, not as fancy or appealing to the eye but still achieves its ultimate goal. Money can buy items but they will only provide a limited amount of happiness. The happiest things in life cannot be brought with money; they have to be earned.    

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