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Product Strategy

Reliance Jio offers 4G LTE wireless services and it does not offer 2G or 3G services and Jio is the only operator to provide VoLTE only services. Jio phone is one of the most popular service rolled out by Jio. The first affordable 4G phone are also been launched by reliance which is powered by Kai operating system. Several multimedia apps were launched by Jio in google play store like Jiofi, Jioswitch, Jio money wallet, Jio music like that. The company also produces smartphones known as LYF, even though its initial months of its launch agreement with Intex smartphones which they are supposed to manufactured by them. Reliance Jio also provides free Wi-Fi and hotspot connectivity in several cities within the country. This initiative was taken to obtain the interest of people in using internet within the country and they want to develop a culture like people are exposed to internet usage.

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Place Strategy

Reliance Jio is an Indian company with Pan-India presence it has its headquarters based in Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra. They have the strong and widespread distribution channel. Their network is available for all the twenty-two telecom sectors inside the country which includes all the regions of India. Every states and main cities are covered in reach about 18000 cities and more than 2 lakh villages within the country. Reliance Jio also made a deal with another telecom operator called BSNL to use intra circle roaming facilities.

Price Strategy

To promote internet usage for every ingle person within the country Reliance Jio undertook the initiative of offering sims at free of cost to any individual by linking their national id proof. And they were estimated by selling of more than 14 lakh sim cards to the individuals within their first few days of launch. The introduce reasonable pricing plans and that made by bringing more customers through network porting and taking new connections however the voice calling is still unlimited for its users. Jio phones are also can be easily affordable with a security deposit of just 1500 rupees and it will get back after three years of the phones use. Reliance Jio has taken several steps for making India a digital nation.

Promotion Strategy

The Telecom giants in India has taken aggressive marketing strategies through promotions to create positive brand awareness, they launched ad campaigns on television radio, and they promote themselves extensively on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and twitter, they also signed up partnership with the Samsung for initiate LTE advanced pro and 5G in the country. They also bring Bollywood stars for their promotion of new brands. And they also responsible for launching games to improvise the youth and revolutionized the games as they thought.

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