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Religious Foundation for the Happy and Stable Marriage

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Marriage linguistically means to unite two souls and bind them into a legal source. A woman is a great source of advisor for a man. If she is educated then she will be able to make her offspring a respectful citizen and look after her family. And if she trusts her husband and fulfils his rights then she will enter into paradise. To be more precise, the greatest benefit and outcome of the marriage is the prevention of sinful life and the endurance of sexual desire through lawful means.

Marriage has been enforced into human culture and tradition for a long time now. Nearly every religion and every state inculcate marriage a source of living. But recently marriages had to deal a great setback due to challenges like gay rights enforcement. People opted for homo couples where continuity of generation is not possible. Thus mainly in developed countries, marriages are facing a backlash. There are many advantages that come from marriages like financial support, security, prevention from sins etc. Marriage also gives a child two parents which in turns assist a child in making him a balanced human being and a happy adult. Marriages help to provide a good sex life for partners. Partners will be able to know each other to the full extent and develop a good bond that lasts forever. Love transcends. By seeing parents, a child can learn so much and become a better version of himself. Marriages bring luck often in one’s life. Abraham Lincoln has beautifully quoted that “Marriage is neither heaven nor hell, it is simply purgatory”.

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Maintaining a marriage or civil partnership demands commitment and hard work on the part of both parties. I believe that many people marry on the basis of romantic love, which does not last. A solid basis of shared values and interests is important to sustain a long-term relationship. In the past, many couples stayed in unhappy marriages for economic reasons. Perhaps some still feel the need to do so. Basically, everything comes with understanding. It is not an easy task. It is hard work and with it, great responsibility comes in your way. Marriages turn unsuccessful mainly due to inconsistency and misunderstanding. Partners should stop rotting over an argument over an over again. And look for the remedy. Marriage itself is a beautiful thing it is a bonding between two families to celebrate their achievements, happiness and sorrowfulness. Survival in old age is difficult without partner and family. Marriage has been a part of human culture for thousands of years. Marriage is the beginning of the new term. It is a commitment between two souls that results in selflessness on both sides. When a man and a woman marry the two becomes one. You can have a friend for a lifetime with you can share your thoughts and together you both can live your life in fulfil zeal and zest. You work for your partner’s felicity and by the time you get offspring, you will have a proper purpose for living. Life is not a bed of roses. Roses can have thorns. Partner shares half of your pain thus bringing you comfort.

Marriages are designed for purity. Marriage is of great significance. It creates a lasting effect on the human soul. You can’t deny love. Marriages can be arranged or love. In the Muslim world, it is considered a taboo for doing love marriage or court marriage. Parents force their offspring especially a girl to marry a man of their choice even there is a hadith in Quran that says “You mustn’t marry your daughter to someone without her consent”. But parents feel it is a big task done ( marrying daughter). Also, the dowry system is for real in middle eastern countries. Parents want high dowry for their son to them big dowry is a source of great reputation in society. To add more, the dowry system is forbidden in Islam. Marriage is most people’s greatest source of happiness. Thus it is a blessing too. Partners are supposed to live happily, support each other in a great bond of friendship and love. Attach with each other physically, emotionally and spiritually. God said: “ It is not good for man to be alone”. Marriage is a great source by which one can repent from sinful living. Without marriage, out if sexual frustration, often young adult tend to move toward sinful deeds and by doing so that person becomes a victim of temptation. It is right to refer Mufti Ismail Menk’s quote here, it says: “Making marriage easy for your children is an act of worship whilst making it difficult for them is a sin that promotes another sin”. Thus it is the moral duty of the parent to make their children married to someone with their consent.

And it is mandatory for every person to stick to the right path according to the commandment of Allah. When a man urges to marry a woman then he should develop faith within God. It is also better to be in a respectful polygamous marriage than in an intolerable monogamous marriage. A person is always in need to be loved and to have companionship. He/she will get that from a marriage. It is only then that person finds a reason to live not for himself but for others too. Marriage inculcates the feelings of loyalty, responsibility and selflessness. When a person owns a family he will then understand the true meaning of life. The pain of his wife is the pain of him. The joys and cries of his children are the same for him. He always looks to work for the betterment of his family. Marriage is such a beautiful thing, it offers many blessings. Being an adult it is easy to lose the path of righteousness, It is factual that sins seem delightful thus adults indulge in crimes like rapes, sexual assaults, sexual harassment and acts like that.


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