Religious Imagery in Today's World

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Today, most people have religious beliefs. Trust is a state of mind when we consider something true even if we are not 100% sure or can prove it. Everyone has a belief in life and the world they experience. The mutual support creates a system of trust, which may be religious, philosophical or ideological. Belief in the spiritual dimension of life has been from ancient times. Many human societies have left us historical evidence of their belief systems, whether they worship the sun, gods and goddesses, knowledge of good and evil or the holy (Europe, 2017). Different religions have their own belief systems, although they are similar in many respects. In Western tradition, religious beliefs are intellectual constructions based on the experience of God’s reality. Piety, faith, and ecstasy, as well as other terms, refer to this experience. Religious objects, Gods, are revealed, and these objects are characterized in different ways, like kings, masters, fathers, loyal ones, shepherds, judges, helper. The experience and the object concerned are the vision of God, and the impression is varied. The effect is that different sensitivities are created, such as engagement, miracle, and gratitude. The performance of the liturgy is evident, such as praise, confession, and prayer. Certain actions are encouraged or prohibited such as respecting parents or not giving false testimony. (Swezey, 1995). Another religion, such as Buddhism, who believes in ‘the four noble truths, the eightfold path to enlightenment and karma’ has their own ethics and taboos like Western religious beliefs. (Vail, 2019).

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According to a study by Conrad Hackett and David McClendon in 2015 shown in the diagram above, we can see clearly that 84% of the world’s population has a religion and only a small percentage of 16% non-religious world population (Conrad Hackett, 2017). In addition, according to an American analysis by the Pew Research Center shown in the figure below, we can see that most Americans believe in God. (Center, 2015).

The data from the diagram above shows that religious beliefs play an important role in our lives today. Trust affects our behavior and determines our actions. The widely accepted beliefs are part of our culture and, with various aspects, form the society we live in. It is important to note that religious beliefs not only play a role that affects our behavior. Religious beliefs are also an important factor in other groups of factors such as genetics, environments, parenting, drivers, and requirements that determine our behavior. (Vajpayee, 2016).

In our opinion, we believe that religious beliefs must be a factor that has a major impact on our civilization today. For years, religious beliefs have shaped our spirit and behavior now and have become our tradition today. We can not imagine that there is no religious belief today. Therefore, we must respect and study the different belief systems of religions because each different religious belief system may be the same or different from our religious beliefs to prevent us from being violent towards other religious belief systems, especially Malaysia is a country with religious beliefs in large amounts.

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