Remarks Concerning the Savages of North America: Rhetoric of Enlightment Thinking

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The age of rhetoric of enlightment thinking came as a revolution that helped stop the suffocating effects that shrouded the native America. Western civilization came as a result of this where America fight for independence was in various ways implemented by great thinkers who wrote persuasive information to the Native Americans trying to convey various logical arguments. This was with the main aim of persuading them to consider their situation by provoking their emotions and also encouraging them. Use of rhetoric statements is a unique way of delivering information to ensure it has effect on the audience. These thinkers came up with various different ways of making strategies which were calm and peaceful which helped the native americans to reason and decide it was time to start a revolution calling for their independence from the colonial powers. Various people brought up such reasoning which included the following. 

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Crevecoeur has applied various rhetorical devices in support of his idea that living a life of a farmer is much better compared to the lives of town dwellers. He has effectively communicated his idea used rhetorical strategies and this has proved successful. He has tried to support his idea by using instances of his own personal life where he says that he inherited the farm, a house and a barn from his father. He explains the satisfaction one gets from living on land that has for long been owned by the family, the feeling of ownership. He intends to train his son to follow on his footsteps and is happy about this that it brings joy. “I am now doing for my son, I say, what my father formerly did for me” (Hector St. John de Crevecoeur, J.). The use of personal experience to show the benefits of living in the rural area, he strongly captures the emotions of the reader thereby the reader will most likely agree with his idea as it makes them feel an emotional connection to his idea. He also uses contrast to compare the two lifes that is that of the rural area and that of the town. He strongly reinforces that the rural area has a simple life as most own the land hence trouble of being tied to the landlord unlike for those who live in the towns. The reader is easily convinced by this comparison how living in the rural area is better compared to life in the towns.

In Remarks concerning the savages of North America, Franklin starts by instilling the reader with the sense of guilt. This he does by commenting that, ”we call them savages because their manners differs from ours.” Eastman, Carolyn. ‘The Indian Censures the White Man (2008). He then a compares the different lifestyles of the native americans and those of the colonists where he says that the natives were very hardworking. He claims that the natives were more civil compared to the whites who accuse them of being savages. Franklin shows how the natives were of warm heart by being so welcoming and sharing what they had with the whites when the whites arrived in the native land from Europe. However, the white man was the very opposite of the natives. This happened where when the whites settled , some native americans would go to seek assistance from them but the whites were too unwelcoming that they asked for money in exchange of helping them with essential things like food. When the natives did not have money the white colonists sent them away rudely referring to them as savages. In comparison, Franklin showed that there was a major difference in the behavior and education. The natives believed education was physical such as where one became a warrior or a hunter whereas the colonial society believed that knowledge was the source of education. By this Franklin illustrates to the reader that the natives were only different in their manners and were not supposed to be considered bad. On Jefferson’s statement about declaration he applies a list of grievances to appeal emotions from his audience. The arguments are very persuasive since he produces a lot of evidence against the Britain, therefore having a great deal of rhetorical force. He tries to highlight the responsibilities of the government to those being governed and how the British government had not adhered to such responsibilities. He also sets upon himself to justify why the British actions were not to be considered treason. 

Jefferson used three types of argument namely ethos that is the ethical appeal, pathos meaning the emotional appeal and logos meaning the logical appeal to show that the American colonists did not have any other option other than rejecting the British government. He uses these to try and appeal that everybody shared the same roots and to try to bring up principles that were basic to all with the intention of having a powerful case against King Charles III. Jefferson also had a statement made of truths where he states that “humans are of equal value” T. Jefferson (2011) with this, he is able to build a sensible case on why America should get independence from the Britain. Through the use of logical arguments and inspiring the readers he was able to deliver his message of declaration of independence effectively. These writers ensured through use of rhetoric strategies, their message was clear, had relevant evidence and had considered different alternatives before coming up with the conclusions. Enlightment had a major impact on the shift where great people invested in reasoning thereby challenging traditional ways of governance by various governments such as Britain on its colonies.

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