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Remember the Titans is a film based on a true story of head coach Herman Boone, played by Denzel Washington, trying to integrate a racially divided football team in T.C Williams High School located in Virginia around the early 1970s. This movie is compelling and motivating because it talks about the segregation between blacks and whites, which was and still one of the toughest problems to solve not just in America but worldwide, and their interaction after the integration in a time when this was not the way of life. 

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Overall, I really like how the movie gave out the impression of not using colors or appearance to judge people before we get to know them, but what I found more interesting is how the film portray the effectiveness of honesty and the importance of attitude in leadership, teamwork, and life. These two qualities can be seen in the scene where Julius Campbell and Gerry Bertier confronted each other. 

Both of the players gave out their honest feeling on how they think about each other, critiquing that Julius played selfishly while Bertier only cared about the white players. The scene ended up with Julius Campbell saying, “Attitude reflects leadership, Captain.”. 

Those words from Campbell was the wake-up call for Bertier. After the confrontation, we can see that the captain began to improve and act as a real captain, organized the whole team, not just the white players or the black players. From this movie, I learned that, in reality, fighting or using violence does not fix the situation, but opening up to one another with the truth will inevitably bring up a positive outcome and build a stronger bond. 

Also, no matter how good you are, as a person, especially a leader, if you have a bad attitude, then you would not get far, people will lose respect for you. It is easy for leaders to point finger or blame the member, but leadership is about taking personal responsibility and standing up for the team at desperate times.

In the film, with black and white segregation gone, we can see the positive effect of the integration on sport itself. Sport becomes a firm ground for racial harmony and joint effort where people from other racial and religious backgrounds work together and fairly compete against each other for shared goals and values. Moreover, it showed people that a person should never be judged on the color of their skin or their beliefs, it should always be based on the content of their character and the inner greatness of their souls. 

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