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Essay topics based on movies make for some of the most interesting writings. When you’re tasked to write an analysis essay for an interesting movie, you are in for a ... treat. You get to watch the movie, research about it, and learn new things as you go. However, it is not easy to choose a topic for an essay when you need to base it on a movie. For an essay to be good, the movie it is based on needs to offer different points of view, a controversial story, or something that yields arguments and makes you wonder. One such movie is Remember the Titan, a classic football film based on a true story. Not only is the Remember the Titans real story, but it also carries great importance. The story in this movie speaks of prejudice demoralization and racial discrimination, and it has an engaging plot and rich characters. Remember the Titans is a story about a football team that strives to become a winning team. It begins in the 1971 in the city of Alexandria, a time when races weren’t mixed. So, when the Board of Education decided to combine blacks and whites at the local high school, this was met with hostility, resentment and anger. Racial discrimination and prejudice is what makes this movie so powerful, but it also makes writing a Remember the Titans essay that much more difficult. There are plenty of things to consider when choosing a topic for this movie. Thankfully, you can go through the seven quality samples here and get some insight into what you can write about. For starters, you can talk about the racial discrimination, which is highly present in this movie. You can also share the knowledge you gained by watching the movie, and the challenges and obstacles that the movie talks about. You can talk about how this is a real story and the gravity of the situation in the world at that period. Lastly, you can make comparisons of the school system and society then and now based on the real story of Herman Boone. Remember the Titans paints a devastating picture of what happened during that period. On September 4th, the first day of the school year, people of Alexandria were awaiting the bus transporting the black students from other schools. The storyline shows protesters and terrible racial slurs, presenting the discrimination from the townspeople who didn’t like to mix races. Even though blacks and whites were separated in terms of education and housing, they finally joined forces when it came to playing sports. The town loved football and the mascot of the high school was the Titans. Not only did the team include blacks in the team, but it also assigned a black coach named Boone. The life and career of Boone is made unbearable in the town. They threaten to fire him if they lose a single match. People didn’t like the idea of an African American coach to train in a predominantly white society. Remember the Titans is a movie with a strong message against discrimination. It is a representation of what people were dealing with at the past, and a clear picture that you can compare to today. If you struggle with finding the perfect title for your essay or have doubts about how to make your arguments, the samples in this list can help you get some ideas and motivation.
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