Reminiscing of the Best Friendship in My Life

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One thing that time has not changed is my relationship with my twin best friends. Valerie and Victoria have been my go-to, a shoulder to cry on, or even all my happy tears since Kindergarten. I remember as if it was now, looking over my shoulder at the driveway next door racing them to the bus stop every morning for six years until our elementary school journey came to an end. We went to a small school with only one homeroom for each grade, which could not work in our favor any better. I swear our teacher would pass on a memo to the next grade teacher about our inseparable friendship, it was obvious when our seating arrangements were nowhere near each other. The routine was the same day to day and year to year growing up. We had lunch together, recess, and all of our special subjects such as gym, music, and art. We were those three girls that every teacher knew had each others back, even the janitors knew. I can vividly remember staying a few minutes after lunch everyday in Fifth and Sixth grade just to give the janitors a lending hand with the tables and garbage that was all over the cafeteria. Mr. Drumbone, the janitor would always say, “Watch out do not get in these girls way” as we would transverse over to him. I remember our teachers asking us to complete a task, but knew we were going to do it together. For instance, everyday in Third grade we had door duty for the underclassmen. This is where Mrs. Smith would pick two people to hold the doors for the little kids while coming inside from recess. Although she was only supposed to pick two of us, she knew to pick all three of us every time one of us got the job. The best memory of all was at our Sixth grade graduation. Mr. Dally, someone you could never forget. He always had his wooden clogs, his glasses hanging on by the flair of his nostrils, and the pen he would chew on until there was nothing left to it. We had a love hate relationship with the man. At our elementary school graduation, the “trio” everyone would refer to us as was a highlight of the graduation speech he gave. He told us and the whole audience we were literally Sisters from another Mother. Still to this day our “trio” indivisible.

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Similar to every other year of school, it flies by. Seventh and Eighth grade were our last years of school together. Just like everything else in life, you do not know when it will be the last time you are doing something or with someone until you look back and realize it was in fact the last time. Sadly, their family had some hardships where their parents resulted in getting a divorce. The thirty second walk over to their front door turned into a thirty minute drive to their Moms front door in Philipsburg. Better yet, it took a five hour flight to get to their Dads door. The bathroom cries we used to have in school turned into facetime calls in our separate school bathroom stalls. The pizza runs after school turned into only pizza trips a couple times a month when we had the ability to travel and see each other. The soccer games we used to play together were no longer a thing, we now watched each other from the side lines. My Mom always said and still does say, “You never know when it will be the last time you are doing something, so do everything with purpose and determination or do not do it at all.”

Time really does change everything. The way you think, the reasons behind what you do, the way you do things, and your outlook on life itself. If I knew Eighth grade year was the last we would walk into the same school together, I am sure I would have appreciated my best friend by my side literally everyday a little differently. Time has also taught me everything happens for a reason.

Although we are no longer next door neighbors, our friendship has changed for the better. Their Dad ended up moving to Arizona where Victoria will go but their Mom stayed local where Valerie will be staying. All we keep telling each other is that we now have two different homes and we will consider their Dads house as our vacation home. No longer is it a few second walk, a thirty minute drive, but it was now a five hour plane ride to see one of my best friends. Back then we would hangout just casually but now we hangout knowing the next time we see each other will not be for some time. Time plays a significant role in our lives everyday. It is important to respect time and also understand its value because the time gone is never going to come back. It is better to follow and respect time instead of having regrets. Our friendship now is more valuable because time has taught us to learn how to appreciate the moment and to not take anything for granted.

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