Removing the Cherokee is a Necessity Or a Whim


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After reading this masterpiece, the realization that the Cherokee people were not the problem, but the fact was European Americans were the issue from the beginning. The descriptions of these native tribes as being “uncivilized” and “savage” are painted in this light because the colonizers believed that they had better standards of living compared to natives. However, it is not surprising to see this domination over these indigenous peoples because they were also treating newly formed African Americans even worse. As a result of natives having yet to develop an industrialized society, it was nearly impossible to make Americans see that they were regular people like them. In spite of that, one of the many sources that showed historians native Americans were more civilized than originally thought by European Americans was the will of Young Wolf.

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In the early spring of 1814, a man by the name of Young Wolf wrote a will for his family before his passing. In his will he leaves his son Dennis majority of his belongings like his land and money to invest with which was a standard practice in this time period. He also decided that if there were any discrepancies about who his land should belong to, his brothers would decide who should have it. However, in his will he specifically states “Also if death should take place with any one of my children, the property to said deceased must be equally divided among the other children.” 

This mere sentence shows the exact opposite of natives being “savages” and “barbaric” because he puts in place a system of organization that thoroughly explains what is expected and what should happen in future events. Unlike when the first Europeans arrived in the New World and barely knew how to survive on their own. They solely depended on these native people to teach them how to do day to day task to help them survive. So, some could definitely say this example was one that conflicted with the negative stereotypes placed on indigenous people.

Being a woman for the indigenous people was almost like being a woman for European Americans, handle small tasks like the family and the household while men do all the major work. However, when it came the Cherokee land being sold individually those values did not hold true to what they were taught. Consequently, these native women decided to speak up for themselves and defend their values for their culture. The very first time these women created a petition for land was in 1817 and essentially asked the National Council not to willingly give up any more land for the sake of money. 

But, to continue the generational growth of their people and the one of the main figures who led this movement was an older woman named Nancy Ward. Being a woman in these times always came with some resistance and struggles, but in times of need, women can quickly become one of the biggest assets for a community. In most established societies, being someone older in their eyes was a sign of respect and most of the time there was the idea that and elder has lots of wisdom that can be shared. However, during the time of their removal everyone was struggling in the same way, young and old could not escape the torturous fate that was bestowed upon them.

When the Cherokee people were finally forced out of their homes due to the ignorance of these European Americans, it left a big scar for families and friends in these tribes. Mothers, sons, grandfather and so many more lost their lives in the treacherous journey that later became named the Trail of Tears. However, even though all that pain and suffer damaged them mentally and physically during that time period, but it has brought the culture so much closer in today’s day and age. Towards the end of the book its talks about remembering those who made it through the Trail of Tears and this was very significant in showing how that travesty the endured didn’t break down the society for Cherokee people. Their future generations still celebrate the accomplishments their ancestors did and it makes the feel even closer to their roots and it was a beautiful way to show how strong they are as a people then and now. 

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