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Report On APHA Expo 2018

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On November 10 – 14, I had the opportunity to attend APHA 2018 in San Diego, CA and it was a great learning experience. I have attended three presentations and sessions while at APHA, including: obesity and income inequality among older adults in the US, Healthy People 2020 and sleep insufficiency among homeless and recently housed young adults.

Obesity and income inequality among older adults in the US Contacts: Steve A. Cohen, Furong Xu, Ana X. Talamas, and Mary Greaney (University of Rhode Island)

Discussion: This presentation is a study on the relationship between obesity and income inequality. More than 1/3 of adults who are over the age of 65 have obesity which may result in an increase of diseases and healthcare services. The association between income inequality and obesity in older adults is complex, so they need further research to help implement policies and programs to promote health and reduce obesity in older adults.

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Next Step: At MEND we should implement a program that would further research obesity in older adults. We would compare these results with other countries and use them as examples to promote more health programs.

Healthy People 2020Contacts: Yen Lin, Debbie Hoyer, and Ayanna Johnson

Discussion: This presentation discusses the goals of Healthy People 2020 and shows the strategic partnership that makes Healthy People the most durable health promotion disease prevention enterprise in the world. It also mentions how Healthy People will improve health for all with new developments.

Next Step: Since MEND is a non-profit organization, we should partnership with other organizations in order to spread awareness and help the community. The presentation of Healthy People 2020 gives us more insight of developments to improve health. We may take these examples and use them as part of our programs. This presentation also gave the audience an opportunity to comment on the proposed 2030 objectives. Together, we could work with Healthy People to provide the population of the west San Fernando Valley.

Sleep insufficiency among homeless and recently housed young adults Contacts: Brian Redline, Sara Semborski, Harmony Rhoades, and Benjamin Henwood

Discussion: In this presentation they discuss that not enough sleep affects adolescents and young adults. This includes a risk on their health, safety, academic success and well-being. A study examines the sleep of young adults who experienced homelessness and now live in a different setting. Further research is needed to understand the causes of insufficient sleep among this population, so they can encourage sleep health in housing programs.

Next step: At MEND one our duties is to take care of the homeless in our community. We must care for our young adults because a sleep insufficient will affect them in the future. Since many of these housing programs are unaware of the risk factors on the young adults, MEND would need to reach out to the housing programs to encourage sleeping health. We could also have a presentation at each facility and discuss with the young adults about their previous life.


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