Report on Career Action Plan

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Report On Career Action Plan

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Table of Contents

  • Self-Assessments
  • Career Research
  • Career Objective
  • Key Goals
  • Strategies to Overcome Barriers and Reach Each Goal
  • Evaluate Progress
  • Where do I fit in?


I believe I have a strong ability to work successfully in a team. I believe this is a very important skill to have. Without the ability to work well in a group environment you are not going to achieve a very high mark in school; you need to be able to communicate and work well with your group members. I think I can utilize this skill in my career because many jobs in my field are looking for someone with strong capabilities to work in a group environment.

Career Research

After researching potential jobs in my field, I came across a two to review. The first one being Supply Chain Manager at Auxly Cannabis Group in Whitby Ontario. Some of the schooling requirements are bachelor’s degree in Supply Chain Management and having Strong computer skills. The job says it typically pays from $61k to $107k yearly. The second company I have found that I would be interested in is the Supply Chain Implementation Consultant at McKinsey & Company. Wages in this type of job, on average is $87,900 /yr. Some qualifications are a bachelor’s degree, experience with IT solutions and IT-supported planning methods and ability to work in a team environment.

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Career Objective

My starting goal after completing my three-year Diploma at Durham College for Supply Chain and Operations Management is to work for a known brand somewhere in the Greater Toronto Area for a couple of years to get the experience I need to start working for a bigger brand that requires experience to get into. This would lead to my end goal of working in Logistics or Procurement/Purchasing for Ontario Power Generation. I would like to get into a corporation such as this as it is a very well-known company, and which offers a challenging work environment as well as great benefits. Another reason why I would want to work for a place like OPG is that I know that it is an organization where employees tend to stay for long term. It offers job security with a very stable work environment.

Key Goals

I have picked four goals that I think are very important to help me reach my end Career goal.

The first goal that I think is the most important, is successfully completing school and getting my diploma. This is a requirement to begin a career with any company after school. Without my Degree I could not pursue my career goals.

My second goal is to get into a co-op opportunity. The main reason I want to find a co-op is it is going to provide me with relevant experience for future positions. Also, I will be making contacts while doing the co-op that might be able to get a job after I complete the co-op if I perform well. It also provides me with excellent experience in the workforce that would be an asset as I look for a full-time position.

My third goal is I would like to find a mentor within the business world. I would like to have someone who I can discuss strategies for approaching businesses, review what is required in the corporate world, and what other strengths I should be working on that would be an asset in a company.

My final goal is once I have completed school, I will need to research target companies that I am interested in. My career goal, to find a position in Operations and Supply Chain Management offers specific objectives in a position. I will need to continue to evaluate my skills as I pursue positions at key companies. My goal will be to target the starting positions to ensure they will give me the experience I need to continue my chosen career path.

Strategies to Overcome Barriers and Reach Each Goal

One of the barriers I have discovered is that I become very nervous while doing presentations in front of a group of people. Whenever I do any kind of presentation for any class I tend to forget what I am going to say or just become very fidgety while in front of the class or group of people I am presenting to.

A second barrier I have is becoming distracted very easily and having issues sitting in lectures for long periods of time. I tend to get distracted with friends I sit with or doing other things on my computer for other classes.

I need to continue working on my confidence while speaking in front of people. While in school, I will need to practice presentations until I feel confident. Seeking feedback from my Instructors is one way to measure my progress and ensure that I am facing this barrier. While in the business world, there will be many meetings where I will need to take part in discussions on projects I am working on. I will need to ensure that I have removed this barrier before moving into the corporate world after school. Being part of a team and working on projects with others will, again, mean facing times where long meetings take place. I will need to learn to focus on the discussion taking place and remove all distractions. Ensuring that I’m taking notes – which will benefit me both in school – and in the corporate world will be one way to overcome this barrier.

Evaluate Progress

Evaluating my progress while still in school will be to use my time management skills to keep all required projects, exams and submissions completed on time. I want to ensure that I can obtain the best mark possible within all my classes. This will ensure that I have the best possible basis with my schooling as I enter the workforce. There are also opportunities within some classes, such as Computer Apps in Operations. I will need to ensure that I have high degree of knowledge to be able to take the Microsoft Office Specialist exam. Passing this extra examination will award me with a Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate, which will be an additional skill and certification to note on my resume. I will need to actively search co-op opportunities in my third year. This will also be measured by ensuring that my marks stay at the level to allow me to take part in this program. Finding a mentor will mean actively discussing this goal within my family and acquaintances. I will need to seek out people within the business world through this network who would be able to assist me as I begin my career search and can actively assist me with their knowledge of the corporate world. This will be measured by my success in finding someone for this role. To evaluate my progress in my last goal will be my progress in obtaining interviews, and ultimately a position with a company that I am interested in. I will need to evaluate my successes and failures while seeking out a position and possibly widen the market I am looking at, as well as review any other opportunities that might be available that might give me the experience I need to further my career.

Where do I fit in?

A company that I would be interested in working at would be Canadian Tire Corporation. I believe this company would offer excellent opportunities for advancement within the company, and with a wide variety of products and services available, would offer a challenging work environment in Supply chain management. Their mission is to boldly shape retail operations in Canada, with retail locations across Canada. Along with valuing customer service, they also are a strong community partner in their Jumpstart program. This community endeavor strives to ensure all children can take part in sports in their communities. Canadian Tire faces many competitors within the different departments they have; from the sporting goods sector, such as Sportcheck, to automotive products, such as Princess Auto, to hardware and home products, such as Home Hardware. While Canadian Tire offers one-stop shopping at its retail locations – many of their competitors offer a wider range of products, as they are only focusing on one specific market segment. I believe that I would be a good candidate for a position with Canadian Tire Corporation because of my excellent team working skills. I am familiar with the Canadian Tire brand and what they have to offer the consumer. For example, Canadian Tire has a position called “Strategic Sourcing Specialist”. This position works with the Technology team to purchase software, hardware, etc. My strong background in Computer Technology would provide me with a strong background to go along with my diploma.

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