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Report On Introduction To Engineering Design Course

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Over the years, engineering in all its field contributed somehow in developing our lives and make it easier and that was through solving the problems we suffer from them in our daily life. I aim through this journal to get bigger picture about the course and how it works in order to perform will in this semester and that by summarizing what we have learned in class last week. By the end of this journal, I will be more familiar with the course rules and instruction and how to ensure that I get an excellent grade. In this journal I will summarize some course ideas then a few questions about unclear point in the First Day Material then a relevant experience with the content.


For the course and during the semester, there are two sections which are the concept and the lab, in concept section we will learn the theoretical concept about the engineering design and how we can apply it in our study also tools and techniques will help us to get better result in faster time, then lab section and here one of things that we can apply what we have learned in the concept and that by come up with an idea that we should apply it in the real life by cooperating with our teams which increase and improve the teamworking skills inside us.

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By the end of this course, we expect to achieve the course goals which are the self-regulation inside ourselves and communication which is an important skill not for our study or work but for our entire life then how to work cooperatively in order to finish our work faster and easier also the problem solving which consider the most important skill for any engineer and finally the quality to ensure the excellence level of our work.

I have misconception in the defect effect, for example, what is the effect of the defect in case I get an exceed in more than three assignments what I get? can I get a high grade in course despite getting defect or NCEs in the beginning of the course due to the lack of full understanding? I heard a lot about this course before I involved inside it, I heard about the hard assessment and how it is hard to get high grade in the course because of the quizzes and long assignment but after I started first week and understand the course in details, I realize that it is wrong to judge anything before you try it by yourself so I believe I can get high grade in the course.


After I finished this journal, I became better than before in understanding the course rules and instruction in order to get high grade and how-to asses my situation during the semester. I got this information from the First Day Material which considers my reference in next weeks also from lectures last week. I correct some misconception about the course grade and how I calculate my grade and the differences that we have two separate weeks for concept and lap and not combined in one week. I am ready now to involve in the course and work hard to prepare myself to next years and improve my skills.


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