Report on Role of Advertising Funded Programmes in Mass Media


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Now and again it is difficult to convey what needs be in a specific way where our practical knowledge and approach should be tried, at such difficulties such open doors are given by our guides to an ideal articulation.

I would like to thank various people who not only supported me throughout the summer internship at Zee Media Corporation Limited (Essel Group), Noida but also guided me in my path to explore the stages of advertising in mass media.

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I would like to express my humble gratitude to our Advisor Prof. Col. R.K. Dargan and my mentor Ms. Gouri Malhotra for providing me the opportunity to do my summer internship and their support.

A shout out to Mrs Megha Chaudhary, my industry guide and Mr. Anubhav Khanduri, my boss, who provided me great support and guidance in the entire duration of the internship. Not only did they guide me but also gave me the freedom to explore things on my own.


Harshit Vijay

Internship assumes an imperative part in a student’s life, in a course like mass communication which has slightest contribution of hypotheses, practical experience is essential. Internship not just conveys the student nearer to the business yet in addition causes him to build up an expert approach towards his work.

Internships resemble working with an association being incompletely their part yet not as official individuals, thus Internship position furnishes us with the total chances to utilize and execute our insight and aptitude learned in 1st and 2nd year of my University.

I decided to work under a globally renowned Media House- “Zee Media Corporation Limited” as an intern, where I worked for 5 weeks, this was the time of great exposure for me and a time where I was able to realise my industry capabilities and qualities. In this company I worked under the supreme guidance of Mr. Anubhav Khanduri, Deputy Editor, who gave the opportunity to discover his own work and gave me a vast scenario on how Advertising Funded Programming works. It was all a summary of fortunate fate where my experience was far astonishing than what I really anticipated from the field.


Zee Media Corporation Ltd is an Indian news media company and a subsidiary of the Essel Group. The company is owned by Mr. Subhash Chandra, an independent member of the Rajya Sabha of the Indian parliament. It handles big clients like Tata, Amity University, Bhartiya Janta Party etc.


  • To gain vast knowledge in field of advertising strategies.
  • To identify the various types of media used and various classification of advertisement strategies.
  • To figure out the strengths and weaknesses of different competitor media houses.
  • To increase market share in the population and increase sales.

Points that should be kept in mind for AFP:

1. Define the target population

Defining the target population is really important and necessary step in selecting your advertising strategy. It gives the proper demographics which help in selecting the most appropriate and workable advertising plan for your clients and sponsors.

2. Test your audience

Create a hypothetical process like a feasibility study of buying so that you can test your audience. when you get to know the buying behavior of your targeted audience, it becomes easier to select more appropriate advertising strategy.

3. Consider advertising techniques

Once you know the demographics; their knowledge, attitudes and behaviors, you can select more appropriate advertising techniques.

4. Evaluate those techniques

Once you have considered the advertising strategies and also found the applicable and right ones, analyse them, practically try to apply and evaluate them. The most suitable technique must be applied.

Types of marketing strategies

1. Internet marketing

It is any marketing strategy that takes place online. Also referred to as online marketing, it encompasses a variety of marketing forms like video advertisements, online marketing and e-mail marketing. It is the opposite of offline marketing, and is also a part of digital marketing. Internet marketing needs a good approach in areas of design, development and advertising. A company with a total web site marketing plan will have more success online than one that has just designed a web site without thinking of how to market their company through it.

2. Offline Marketing

Offline marketing, the opposite of online marketing, includes all forms of marketing that are not done through the Internet. Examples of offline marketing are local advertising in newspapers, magazines, hoardings and on television. In today’s marketing world, companies are finding ways to leverage their offline marketing campaigns with their online ones, making them to complement each other.

3. Outbound Marketing

When you think of marketing, the various forms you come up with are mostly outbound marketing (also called traditional marketing). In fact, large number of companies today are using different types of outbound marketing to reach their potential consumers. Outbound marketing includes any marketing efforts that are taken to introduce a product or service to someone who isn’t looking for that product or service. Some examples are cold calling, sending newsletters, billboards, and banner ads on different web sites. Basically, adding a touch of personal being.

4. Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing focuses on having your company being found by the customers, as opposed to reaching out to them directly like we do in outbound marketing. The important thing to remember here is that a person starts out with the want/need to purchase a product or service, and then they go out to find it. When they search for that product/service on a search engine, the search engine results page will show inbound marketing results. Instead of using paid advertisements, inbound marketing is the search engine optimization (SEO) part of web marketing.

The research methodology which can be applied here are qualitative, quantitative, experimental. The project is all about having practical and theoretical knowledge on advertising industry.

I was assigned to study several plans made by the organisation for clients and was asked to make a plan on my own.

On the first week of my internship, I was asked to study all the old records of the organisation and note them down for knowledge.

As the association I was working under is a big media house, it becomes really important that you should be aware of the culture and preferences of the different cities and even countries.

My daily work in the company was:

  1. Keep a check on advertising strategies of different media houses.
  2. Assisting with scripts for the ads.
  3. Figure out a way to write old material with new ideas.
  4. Create graphics (Astons, Bands, gfx plates etc) for the programmes.
  5. Assisting with recording voiceovers for the ads or programmes.
  6. Going through Youtube and other video search engines and collecting footage and shots for ads or programmes.
  7. Editing voiceovers, shots and footage using softwares like Adobe Premier Pro CC or Velocity.
  8. Ingesting all the clicks and footage collected by me in the main server.
  9. Uploading the completed projected and e-mailing them to clients for verification.

I also had the opportunity to accompany my production team for a 3-days shoot for the show Desh da Swaad Season 3 which airs on Zee News and Zee Business. The show was hosted by Celebrity Chef Harpal Singh. During those 3 days, we shot in Old Delhi near Jama Masjid at various locations. There, I assisted the director in shooting the programme. I also learnt various directing techniques, using the camera in expert level, try different angles and views. Also, to capture a time-lapse shot, we had to reach the shoot location at 5 o’clock in the morning. I also got to learn how to handle the clients and work up to their expectations, keeping the clients’ brief in mind.

– A report to be made and then submitted to my industry guide. He would then further recheck upon the facts.

In the office some of the work and plans created by the seniors were sometimes rechecked by me and then mailed by me to the respective clients. One day I was asked by my senior to talk to one of the clients and discuss with him about a particular plan. The deal went well and the client agreed to follow up with the plan.


  1. Marketing strategy provide the organization a competitive edge over its other competitors.
  2. Strategy helps in producing goods and services with best profit while making potential market capture.
  3. Marketing strategy helps in discovering the areas that gets affected by the growth of an organization and thereby helps in creating plans to cater to the customer requirements.
  4. It helps in fixing the right price for organization’s goods and services based on information collected by market research.
  5. Strategy ensures effective departmental co-ordination.
  6. It helps an organization to make optimum utilization of its resources so as to provide a sales message to its target market.
  7. A marketing strategy helps to fix the advertising budget in advance and also determine the potential revenue generation.
  8. It determines how a brand would fulfil their pre-determined goals and objectives.


I would go in, punch my thumb at the biometric box and take my desk, then my seniors would come in and check up on the work they had assigned me earlier. After discussing the work and rectifying the minor mistakes and explaining me how to be better and more efficient at doing research and do a particular piece of work, they would discuss and tell me the latest updates and the work to be done for the project. They would then assign me other jobs to do like collecting footage or shots, or making graphics for any particular progamme or an ad.

Then I would begin my research on the topic going through various videos and websites for the one perfect 5 second shot, both offline and online and after collecting all my raw data on the following topic, in a span of 1-2 hours, I would ingest the clips and footage in the main server from where it would be collected by the editor. Then I would further assist in recording and publishing voiceovers to be used in the programme.

The editor and the director would then sit together at the computer desk and work up on it to meet the client’s expectations up to the fullest. After that we had to insert Astons, Bands, bugs and other graphics. For that, I would go the graphics department and tell the graphic designer about the graphics to be prepared and sit with him and assist him while he created the graphics.

Altogether I helped in a lot of advertisements and on a lot of different topics which made me understand different things that go inside such a big organisation like Zee Media. They had a very work-ethical and peaceful environment with proper resources. All the employees there with whom I had to deal with were very helping and supporting. I enjoyed my every moment there and got to learn more and polish my skills.


The idea of working in the field of media advertising came up while I was going through the online sites and landed upon a very nicely built and prepared video advertisement which actually was a work of very good advertising. Questions on how, why, what aroused and the idea to work in planning those outputs came up. While on work I learned various things which I did not know about being a student of mass communication.

The strategies that we, on daily basis just look at and get really impressed and are tempted to buy the product, it is an art. An art of selling your product and making people believe that theirs is the best one in the market. There are so many ways to build an image of a particular product for a particular group.

In advertising there are three most important things which are to be kept in mind and those are duration and crowd, the location should be according to what your product is, the ideas should be catchy.

We have to keep in mind that we never get a second chance to make a first impression, so we have to give advertising techniques our best efforts.

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