Report on the Definition and Historical Uses of Chivalry

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The purpose of my paper is to explain and acknowledge what chivalry is. Aslo, how to use chivalry in many ways like in a bad way and in a good way. You have to use chivalry to be knight back into medieval times. The biggest part of being a knight has multiple meanings but chivalry. Many knights were raised to put chivalry first, the meaning of chivalry is courage, honor, courtesy, and willing to help the weak.

I learned a lot of things in this course, but what really stood out for me was when the course talked about chivalry and knights. Being a knight means you are born of the nobility and being trained for any fight. While in heavy armor, you will train day and night to become the best knight. Chivalry is the first thing you need to learn to become a knight. My first meeting with King Arthur, I was kinda nervous. I was really meeting the one and only King Arthur who was the first-born son and the heir to the throne. I was at the roundtable and all the other knights were as well. King Arthur informed us that the table was round because he didn’t want conflict between us knights.

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It has been a week since I became a knight for the one and only King Arthur! It has been a long week but King Arthur has given me a task and he wants me to fulfil it for him. King Arthur has been very busy for the past two weeks and he finally wants me to get one of his tasks done for him. “You must save the queen, for she has been kidnapped by a knight that was my right hand man.” I was off with my horse, looking behind me I also saw other knights that were well-known beside King Arthur. Me and the fellow knights finally made it to were the town’s butcher told us to go. “I saw the fellow queen tied up on a horse go into that hut and a fellow knight from King Arthur’s disciples. “He is not his disciple anymore,” I said. Me and the knights kick the hut down and we found the queen and the knight. The knight struck fast jabbing one of our knights in the chest and he collapsed. I told the other knights to get the queen and keep her behind me as I will protect her. King Arthur taught me to use chivalry at all times when you must save someone. The knight was struck by my sword by one blow I didn’t what came over me, it felt like King Arthur was me. I did feel though the knight struck me in the leg and I wasn’t going to die today. In the story, King Arthur killed Mordred, but suffered a blow that seemed likely to kill him.

It has been two months what feels like a year since me and the other knights rescued the queen. When me and the other knights got back to King Arthur he was overjoyed that we rescued the queen and insisted we have a feast. We were all having a feast eating lots of food and drinking tons of wine. I noticed King Arthur wanted me to come speak with him in the other room away from everyone else. “I thank you for saving the queen in my favor,” he said. “I would want to see you lead the army for me when we have another battle.” I immediately said yes. I could not turn down the one and only King Arthur. The next day I knew we were going to war, the war bell was ringing all morning. I lead the army into the fiercest battle I have ever witnessed. King Arthur was by my side but I was supposed to be the one leading the army this time.

The battle lasted for what it seemed like forever, I saw everyone falling and I heard people screaming for life as well. “Help,” I heard, a man was gonna get beheaded. But, King Arthur insisted I come slay the other king leading the opponents. I couldn’t just disobeying King Arthur’s orders, last leader had disobeyed King Arthur’s orders in battle and the whole town got him banned from the land. I couldn’t bear myself in helping the noble knight I didn’t know what was wrong with me I was just frozen. Or maybe was just fearful of this war I got myself into, I seen the noble knight head depart from his body. The battle was finally over after 24 hours, and I couldn’t even look at myself. We went back into town where everyone had flowers thrown in the air and chanting “victory is ours.” I couldn’t believe I let that knight die in front of my eyes, I wouldn’t even call myself a knight or leader.

After a year, leading all of the noble knights into battles, it was more of a hobby or habit that I could never turn off. “I’ve noticed you have a well done job with leading all of the knights over the past year,” King Arthur said. King Arthur also said, “I’ve also realized you should use a little more out there, so I’ll let you recruit your own squire.” I have been training my squire for a couple months and his fighting style was beginning to look very similar to mine. I know you weren’t supposed to train your squire he is just supposed to sit on a horse and do nothing.

My squire has also done stuff around the house for me for a while now. I suggested it was time for him to put my teachings to work and go out into battle and lead before me. Every other knight thought I was a lunatic and wanted me to report to King Arthur first but I told him to lead the knights at once! My squire exceeded expectations by having every knight live but only a few knights wounded. Every knight was still a little shaky still after the war. King Arthur came to my hut and demand my squire come outside. Me and my squire out kneeling before him and he told us to stand. King Arthur looked at me and said, “ You should have never let your squire handle your business with dealing with the war.” “But, I’m glad you did you really showed a lot of skin kid, looking at my squire. In the story, Sir Gawain gave his squire, Terence a longbow and showed him how to use it as well.

It’s been 15 years since the last time I’ve seen war or a battle and I was finally on my way home. The experience of being a knight was very scary at the beginning and I was also very nervous when first picked up the sword. You had to earn a right on the battlefield. If a soldier fought very notably brave when there was a battle or war, he may be awarded knighthood by the King Arthur, a lord, or even another knight. I’m just glad that I was a trustworthy knight who was King Arthur’s right hand man. I always enjoyed a position of high status and often wealth, me and the other knights were feared on the battlefield and were very well known for their chivalry off it, but it took a very long time and lots of training to get there.

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