Reproductive Rights of Modern Women


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A woman has the right to different beliefs regarding reproductive rights which vary from abortion, birth control, the right to decide when and how many children she wants and freedom from compulsory sterilization which is also known as forced sterilization. In the 20th century, nearly 20,000 people underwent sterilized in California which were usually performed in state institutions for the mentally ill and disabled. Forced sterilization is the tubal ligations and vasectomies performed on people against their will or without their informed consent. In the early 1970s, after 60,000 sterilizations were performed in the United States, the government began to pass laws to repeal these ideas of discrimination as they targeted the minority women. Although sterilization without consent is against the law physicians found a way to target mothers by having them sign paperwork which retained certain information over the procedures, women were told they were going in for one procedure but it ended up sterilizing and pressuring the women under duress and times of distress. Women throughout the world undergo these producers, the government performs forced sterilization on women who are considered to be unfit to become parents the women affected usually fit into one of these categories: mentally ill, HIV positive, racial minority, poor or struggle with disability.

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Forced sterilization began January 1934 and altogether an estimated 300,000 to 400,000 people were sterilized under the law women who are seen as unfit to be mothers. The practice of compulsory sterilization tarted on women who were classified as mentally retarded, insane deaf-blind or epileptic. In Germany under Hitler’s command, he leads a revolution to try and create the perfect race. Under Hitler’s command, many young girls from nine to sixteen years of age were affected by forced sterilization. He targeted deaf people first nearly 5,000 children up to the age of 16 were sterilized this doesn’t take into consideration women. Apart from Germany Puerto Rico also contributed to eugenics sterilization they passed law 116 in 1939 which made sterilization legal and free for the women of Puerto Rico this was the only method of birth control offered to women. By the year 1968, Puerto Rico had sterilized one-third of the women in Puerto Rico. The women who underwent the procedure had regretted signing the consent for the process because they were unaware of all the factors involved when it came to sterilization, although the procedure was a voluntary action chosen by the women the Puerto Rican government had given them no other alternative. I’m Californian during the 20th century more than 50 states passed laws which permitted doctors to perform these forced sterilization on people who were mentally ill many Mexican women of the Mexican descent were targeted and forced by professional, in 1975 the case Madrigal vs. Gilligan was filed by ten defendants with indictments which consist over forced sterilization within years and how the doctor’s manipulated women to gain consent from the patients. The case mentioned how women who spoke a different language were affected because doctors mislead them into signing the paperwork the women were not fully told the details of what the were signing. since the informed consent of the woman herself is a requirement for sterilization doctors manipulated them making believe it’s a certain procedure when in reality it’s not. The case came into play race and discrimination because doctors we’re trying to stop women of color from reproducing and having excessive children.

In recent years, there have still been cases of women being sterilized without their consent. Healthcare providers around the world continue to sterilize people without their informed consent, the targeted audience was those who were Indigenous, living with HIV, people with disabilities, or faced discrimination. An article by the International justice resource Center faced sterilization as a human rights violation: recent developments posted on March 21, 2019, state that sterilization without consent violent a person’s right to dignity and takes away their humane rights to reproduce. In many cases, women were never asked if they want to be sterilized instead would find out about their sterilization after having undergone a cesarean section. Most women are unaware they have been sterilized until they try to access contraceptives and are then informed that they have been sterilized. Actions like this strip away women from their rights to conceive children and now make it impossible for them to try. If the woman’s consent was obtained under duress it’s an easy way to manipulate them by not giving them their complete options because documentation of such retained certain information and doctors are able to get away because the women agreed to the documentation. To try and cover their mistakes doctors will state that the procedure had to be done to help the mother which was in a medical emergency but sterilization as prevention of pregnancy does not compose of a medical emergency and does not rationalize the general principles of women being able yo underhand the process and getting the women’s consent. Therefore their actions are unjustified. In many counties, the act of involuntary sterilization has been banned but in the 21st-century places such as Canada, Bolivia, France. There have been acts such as the confirmation that forced sterilization is has been an act of sexual or gender-based violence that may amount to torture or inhuman treatment the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights.

Alongside the act of forced sterilization comes Eugenics, which as the google definition says it’s the practice or advocacy of improving the human species by selectively mating people with specific desirable hereditary traits. This idea was formed in 1883 by British explorer and natural scientist Francis Galton with his beliefs to prevail the best of social structure and eliminate the poor or ethical neglected people. This relates back to compulsory sterilization because they both aim to get rid of the development of different ethnic groups. There have been studies mentioning that Doctors try and minimize the rate of women of color to stop the increase of the population  

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