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A big island that has thousands of little composed islands in it to make one whole nation. Capitals of the Philippines were once some of its own cities. For example Baguio and Cebu. Those are a few capitals of Philippines according to but there were more capitals. This nation got its names from the king from Spain King Philip II. The official name is Republic of the Philippines. The Philippines has over 105 million people, it has increased a lot since 1960 from 30 million to over 100 million people. The only thing has decreased is that the yearly rate of population has been slower but the population has increased. Some of most common races are Spaniards because they had colonized the country for a long time but the people are also Asians. Their race is Filipino and is in the category of Asians. The Republic of the Philippines is somewhat 300,000 square kilometers. For square miles is about 116,000 square miles. The Philippines lay nexts to Vietnam. It is about 800 kilometers. Coordinates for Manila: 14°36'15.12'N, 120°58'55.92'E. This made up in the eastern and northern hemisphere. This country is known for mostly 2 things and they are having esthetic and beautifully beaches and lots of yummy fruit. People would go to the beaches and tourist also even go to see for themselves. The Philippines also has one of the biggest producers for fruits like coconut, Mangosteen, papayas, and also bananas.

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The Philippines looks like a beautiful place. Cities and beaches and mountains. These people get lots of money and their income is $1000 because a month of people living in the Philippines in the hotels and other places are very expensive. According to most websites it says that there are 17 regions since this has many islands. A name for the Philippines is The Pearl of the Orient Seas. Mountains are also in the Philippines. People would go to places in the Philippines in the summer. Satellites of the Philippines and you can see that there is lots of land. The types of land is that beaches and harbors. Back then the Philippines had so much trees and forests but some were cut down. This country has lots of mountains that are filled with producers that are known as natural resources. Some volcanic mountain ranges in this country is Mount Apo. Apo is a volcano that is in south of central Mindanao. It is 9,692 ft. This country also has another volcano that is big which is called Mount Canlaon and it is 8,086 feet. The Canlaon Volcano is on the Nergos. Vegetation of the country would have to be natural resources like for example mangrove swamps, plants and trees according They make money out of this by things like for example they would be able to sell it for profit. The climate of this country is like tropical rainforest, tropical savanna, tropical monsoon or humid subtropical according to “There are two seasons in the country, the wet season and the dry season, based upon the amount of rainfall. This is dependent as well on your location in the country as some areas experience rain all throughout the year.” –

The languages that are spoken in the Philippines are Filipino and English. There can be other languages from people who visit the Philippines. This is a developed country because everyday the population keeps going up and increasing. They migrated from the Spanish from King Phillip II. Particular groups that move to this country would be like be with Chinese and sometimes American. People have been leaving the country of the data chart of the yearly population growth rate but the population is still rising. This music is about the nations history because of the instrumental tunes and melodies that are soft. Styles like traditional Philippine styles can be made from the Spanish when they ruled the Philippines for a long period of time. Three Filipino styles of music is Philippines gong music but people know it as “gangsa,” haranan and kundiman. Haryana and kundiman were not popular until the the time when the Spanish time in the 19th century happened. Top 3 most famous sport in the Philippines would be Basketball being the number one, Volleyball being number 2, and number tatlo which is 3 in Filipino is Football but when they say football they mean by soccer just exactly how the British say soccer. Literally about 40 million of people play basketball in the Philippines. That is one sure reason basketball is the number one sport! A celebration that the Philippines celebrates is when citizens of the Philippines put a show on and dance in Manila for Lunar New Year and Christmas in the philippines. In the Philippines there is also a dance group where they perform a festival to honor to celebrate a specific tropical fruit. They also celebrate holidays us people in the United States , New Year’s Day and Christmas Day. They also celebrate Independence Day but they celebrate on June 12th.

There form of government in the Philippines is Republic. The citizens of the Philippines choose the president and the Vice President. This government has been in power since 1949 because it was an election to try to raise a collaboration against a Nacionalista presidential candidate Jose Laurel according to This country us a mixed economy which means they have private freedom but not only that but with economic planning and government regulation. The 3 branches are executive, Legislative, and lastly judicial. The type of currency that is used in the Philippines is Philippines Peso. Before they used Philippine pesos Americans ruled around the half part of the first part of the 1900s so they changed Fromm the Spanish then to the Americans and the peso would be worth of a half US dollar and when the Japanese ruled the philippines they used a peso called “The Japanese Government.”but in the 1960s is when the Philippines peso was finally made. Natural resources in the Philippines would be fruity that are exotic amid here is lots of land and mountains trees and nature is in the Philippines.

Manila capital of Republic of the Philippines would be an incredible journey if you go visit because what I learned about the Philippines while doing his was people have their own culture and celebrate things differently at different times, how this country got so popular and has lots of population and how the history of what ruled the land before, how the climate and weather are a good fit for their beaches and bays, their taste of music and how it is highly famous, and lastly how these island make one whole nation with its history.My final thoughts on this country is that it went through so much of things happening its one whole nation itself.  

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