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Research Of The Influence Of Different Liquids On Iceberg Lettuce

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For my classroom based assessment, I decided to test the effects of many different liquids on iceberg lettuce.

Statement of task: For my experiment I was interested to discover if the different liquids had a major or minor effect on the lettuce e. g. taste, growth speed, colour etc.

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Hypothesis: I predict that the lettuce that was quenched with wine may have a vinegar taste. The colour may also be affected, as iceberg lettuce is quite a low-key colour and the wine is burgundy so the lettuce may have a red tint. The lettuce that was quenched with coffee may have a slight coffee taste and the colour may be affected as coffee is nut brown colour. The lettuce that is quenched with isotonic drink may have quite a sugary taste.


Iceberg lettuce is vastly low in calories as one head of lettuce is only 45 calories, It is equally low in nutritional value. There was a study conducted on July 31st 2017. “Steve weighed several heads of leaf lettuce and discovered that the average weight was 16. 75 ounces per head. ” which when i calculated is about 474. 85 grams. Wine is less dense than water so the weight may be affected. After my research i found out that milk is more dense so the weight of the lettuce may be affected. Considerations: For my experiment I had to consider a variety of different elements. Firstly i had to consider the cost of the products i was purchasing (e. g. iceberg lettuce seeds, isotonic beverage, plant pots) secondly I had to consider the habitat which i grew my iceberg lettuce, I have decided to grow mine in a greenhouse because it retains the moisture and we can make sure the lettuce doesn’t get contaminated by other liquids. Lastly had to consider the amount of liquid I gave the lettuce each one got 350 ml of liquid which is fairly Distributed.

Equipment used

I used iceberg lettuce seeds as my “ test subjects “I used a variety of different liquids, which were coffee Nescafe gold blend with lukewarm water, Whole milk, tap water, red wine and isotonic beverage I used 5 standard plant pots habitat : greenhouse.


I began by moistening the immensely dry soil with water otherwise the liquids would not absorb evenly. Then I filled the plant pot ¾ soil, then i deposited the lettuce seed and covered it with ⅛ of the remaining soil. Then I sprinkled a little bit of dry soil on top and poured a little bit of liquid on top. I placed the plant pots in the greenhouse and I have quenched them every 2 days because the greenhouse retains the moisture so the lettuce doesn’t need to be quenched everyday. And then I waited for the results.


Some of the variables I kept the same was the lettuce seeds, the environment in which I grew the lettuce and the amount of liquid I gave the lettuce. Some of the variables I changed was the type of liquid I quenched the lettuce with.


What I was measuring in my cba was the growth speed and taste and the time the lettuce took to grow if it was faster than the Control (water) or slower or just the overall speed was different.

Safety: I didn’t have many safety concerns during my experiment. I just had to be careful no to ingest any wine and to wash my hands after quenching the lettuce so I wouldn’t get sick from any pesticides growing in the lettuce and to keep the quenched lettuce pots outside of the greenhouse to make sure the air in the greenhouse doesn’t get contaminated and affect other plants.

Time: I had only 2 weeks to complete my experiment. It was a waiting game because I had to wait for the lettuce to sprout. The spouts started in the first 7 days once they got going they were growing a lot faster but honestly I don’t think I gave myself enough time to complete my experiment.

What went wrong: I believe that not much went wrong in my experiment but I think that time was my main problem as the lettuce hasn’t got to its full growth capacity also I think I should have researched a bit more on how much to give the lettuce liquid and time wise but overall I think the experiment in the time has got quite far.


Overall my experiment was quite successful but if I was to do it again I would plan it a bit better, give myself more time, try different growing environments and test other liquids. It was quite a risky experiment because when I done my research there was not a lot on this kind of experiment.


In the part of my experiment where I used water (control), I thought the water would grow the best out of all the test subjects. In fact it just grew at steady pace was no significant changes to the sprouts or soil. Secondly, the coffees growth speed was extremely good, coffee contains caffeine which stimulated the lettuce growth the lettuce quenched with coffee grew a lot better than I thought, but it didn’t affect the soil or the sprouts e. g. mould. Thirdly, the isotonic beverage grew a lot slower compared to water but the soil and the sprouts weren’t affected. The wine didn’t work in my experiment because it was a very strong wine, there was a bit of mould on the soil which was caused by the yeast in wine. And lastly the milk one worked but grew a lot slower than the water but the milk wasn’t absorbing very well into the soil and it started to grow mold I don’t think it would be safe for human consumption but still worked out.

In my conclusion I have found that this is a very interesting trial and error experiment but worth my while. And in the future I could improve it with different elements.


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