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Research On Flint's Water Supply Crisis

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Open any health textbook and look at the four main requirements that an organism needs for life: heat, pressure, food, and water. So why is something so necessary for life so unattainable for the people in Flint, Michigan? What has happened in Flint, A town that is poverty-stricken is that their water is being polluted with lead because they changed water sources due to saving money. While it’s possible that race and the low-income status of Flint residents contributed to the water crisis, the main culprits are a poorly run government and running the government like a business. The ruling to alter Flint’s water supply was an affront to social injustice. The U. S. government is now in a paradigm of “running government like a business. ” That is to say, you cannot improvise on something that is so vital to life. White people have neglected the poor people of color living in Flint by doing little to no change to their water. In Flint, there are people of a different race who live there. The situation still remains in Flint where their water has been lead infested since 2014. This article by states an independent panel ceases that there has been a heed towards the concerns of the impecunious and minority people of Flint Michigan due to the government’s slow response to the abhorrent water crisis.

In 2014 this crisis all started with “The decision to switch the water source — and the failure to add crucial chemicals to the city water supply to block pipe corrosion, the source of the water’s lead contamination — was made in an attempt to save money. . . “. Why is it that they wanted to cut back on spending on something like water that everyone needs to live? The poisoning of Flint’s water supply was an evil act because it affected so many peoples health, even children. Like this white family in (2016) that was suffering from hair loss and rashes due to the lead in their showers “The family was suffering from the effects of lead in Flint’s water supply — contamination that will have long-term, irreversible neurological consequences on the city’s children. The exposure has quietly devastated Flint since April 2014, when, in an effort to cut costs, a state-appointed emergency manager switched the city’s water source from Detroit’s water system over to the Flint River. ” These are poor white people living in a Flint where they can’t afford to buy water to do everything from showering to cleaning the dishes. Children are suffering from this problem which is horrible because they will have to live with this for the rest of their lives and that is unfair and doesn’t comply with social justice. According to the Oxford dictionary, it defines social justice: “Justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society”.

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It sad to believe that the U. S. A. preaches about water being a right to all citizens since it is a necessity to all life. The Department of Environmental Quality is to blame for actually allowing the city of Flint to lever their water to the Flint River, unaccompanied by discharging any govern or conduct the system. Also even later citizens had confronted that the water was discolored and poor smelling. They only sent out a minor amount of violation with no seriousness to solve the problem and even stated that “it’s not like an imminent threat to public health”.

The department doesn’t care about what going on in Flint enough to make changes; they only care about cost. The government is still to blame for not looking into the departments that they employ that look at the water and switch it. So both the Department of Environmental Quality and government are involved in changing and not acting on the problems, but the government talks more about the financial part of the water crisis which is a very big part of why they switch it. A man named Sikkema, was a former state Senate majority leader talked about “By having an emergency manager that has virtually dictatorial control over a city, you lose the checks and balances that representative government provides, ” said Sikkema.

“The emergency manager law system in Michigan doesn’t really give these emergency managers much support when it comes to the non-financial aspects of running a city. And people lose their voice when you basically strip locally elected officials from any power, so there needs to be a more structured way to ensure their voices are heard”. This is informing us that Michigan needs to get managers that now about non-financial aspects of running a town so that you are not controlling it like a business.


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