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Research On The Flatiron Photograph By Alfred Stieglitz

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The Flatiron is the one of the most definitive images of the New York city. It was captured by Alfred Stieglitz in 1903. The name of this photograph is The Flatiron. This photograph gained its name from the building Flatiron which is in New York.

Alfred started his early education at Charlier Institute in 1871. After that he decided to move to Europe for the better education. There Alfred was enrolled in real gymnasium. After that, in 1882 Alfred studied mechanical engineering at Technische Hochschule at Germany. There he met a professor of chemistry who was worked on developing the photography by chemical process. At the age of 20, Alfred collected the books of photography and photographers. In 1887 he wrote his first book “A Word or Two about Amateur Photography in Germany” process. In 1890 he returned to U. S and his father bought a small photography business for him He took this photograph from the famous 291 Gallery on Fifth Avenue in 1903 in the morning time in winter. He captured many other famous images in his whole career. The greatest number of his work held at Minneapolis institute of art.

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This photography was not painted. This was the picture of the building which was captured by the Alfred Stieglitz. This image idealizes the scene and naturalizes the city. On the morning, Alfred Stieglitz grabbed his hand camera and conveyed it to Madison Square Stop. He was overwhelmed by what he saw, for it seemed to shimmer amidst a fall of ‘fresh snow’. The Flatiron building looked looming behind the trees and he took the picture of the building. This image is very natural which has natural things in it like Tree, snow and the sky.

The style of the art is modern photography. It is the artwork from the 20th century and it is the one the most naturalize image of the time. This image defines the beauty of the city 20th century Alfred Stieglitz conveyed to the city a vision which verged on the otherworldly, trying to discover in New York a picture of America’s guarantee as a dynamic and current culture, adjusting it to a sentimental optimism in which the city was buzzing with profound plausibility in that time in new York city Alfred captured all things that were happening around him and he captured some meaning full picture. Alfred Stieglitz for the most part caught the picture with the focal perfect pictures and the proof of a material and human universe of urban clashes hostile to the perfect vision he looked for. His numerous photos are exceptionally well known, and his fine art and pictures give us some messages. On the morning, when he came outside the characteristic view absolutely draw in him and the sight was great to take that picture. The building seems to transcend a sensitive and nearly filigree the example of trees as a component of the normal procedure. So, Alfred caught that view in his grasp camera from the one of the corners. This image gives us various messages that are very good for human and nature also. This image was captured in the time of winter when there was snow fall in the New York city and it looks very beautiful and covered up with the white layer of snow.

The Flatiron was made to show the beauty of the city and it appeared to the Alfred as the image of the ‘new America is still making’. It shows the image of fresh snow fall on the trees. Alfred captured the many picture of the downtown New York city with his hand camera. We can buy the copy of this image and the poster. Today this image gives us the information about the beauty of New York city in the winter when it is covered with the layer of snow. The trees are looking very attractive and the snow cover all the street and the building of the city.

This artwork is very interested and famous because it looks very attractive and ordinary. In the photograph we can see that the fresh snow is all over the city and it covers all the tree and road. The image was captured in the morning and in the morning the fresh snow is looking beautiful and the building behind the tree is like a big monster. This photograph looks very natural and represent the natural beauty of the city in the starting of the 19th century. Firstly, the thing which is attract me the most in this photography is the natural view because I can imagine that view of the morning. Most of things in this photograph is natural like snow, trees and sky. I captured the image in the morning so that I can capture the natural scene and used the modern software like photoshop and picsart to edit this image and match it to the image same as 20th century images.

Firstly, it was very difficult to find the best location to capture the same image as that of original. After long search, I find the best location from where I can take a photo. I captured the image in my hand camera. I used different type of software to make image attractive. To handle the light, I got up early in that morning and visited to the location which I was selected to take this image. After many different shots I get the good image and at home I use different software to make image same as that original image. I used various color filters so that my image look like the 20th century image. I used totally natural site to take photograph. In this modern world most of the people are busy in their mobile phones, laptop and other electronic devices but they do not notice the natural beauty around them. According to me these small things are important in our life because it give us happiness when we see them. Natural things are very big source of beauty in our planet earth.

I learn various things from this research assignment. Firstly, I get knowledge about the photographer and his life and know about how he played a crucial role in developing the photography and American art and I learn many photographic tricks which will be useful for me in my upcoming life. I get knowledge about nature and the things which make our environment more beautiful. I get knowledge about photographer’s life that how he captures the little things in his camera and make that photograph a big moment. This self-research assignment gives me more confidence to be a better photographer in future. Before I don’t have any more interest in photography but after research assignment my intention toward photography is increased and now I like to take photographs. And I start capturing every moment in phone camera. Photography is like an art and I learn that how this art makes ordinary people very famous in their life and those people are still famous after their death.


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