Researching the Identity Theft Problem

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Researching The Identity Theft Problem

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Identity theft is a crime that is committed by the offender by assuming the identity of another person . These criminal acts are being carried out through by the use of information and technology like computers, smartphones tablets, etc. The reports of identity theft is being committed through the internet have become a widespread idea for offenders and the case is being based on frauds by creating complex cases for the law enforcements when they launch to investigate this case. The identity theft focuses on identity theft and how it corrupts the fabric of our society and has affected thousands of lives everyday in the United States. These days, people have be careful about visiting websites without verify to make sure the site is safe to use. Many criminalists can use social engineering in order to target victims to give their personal information. For example, bank account information, credit card information. The definition of phishing refers to anybody can send false e-mails or spam to where it can be appear like if they were sent by an respectable organization , with the ability to provide information such as usernames, passwords, IDs, PIN numbers for debit and credit cards. Mainly there is plenty of phishing attacks are going on by and it will lead to where the websites that can spot the identity of an target organization, that collects personal information about the user, catches the victim off guard.

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Cyber crimes refer to the fact where criminals can pose a direct impact on individuals, including organization and victims within all communities. It can leave an impact on person’s mental wellbeing and the physical and also social activities. Anyone can design a false website that targets individuals into provide their personal and financial information in which raise the risk of identity fraud. The perpetrator can obtain the person’s information in order to increase bills, he may create a different address on current accounts, applying for a new credit card account, having a new home or the car loan under the victim's name, they can obtain counterfeited check to drain the person’s bank account , or the perpetrator can use the person’s information in case when arrested for committed a crime. The laws are put into place to deal with criminalize identity theft and offers protection for many consumers. Laws are based on the federal level like credit card fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, and also identity theft can be useful against identity thieves. The federal agencies conducts investigation to look into this matter like the FBI, Justice Department, Secret Service work together along with the local , and state, and the international law enforcements in order to catch the criminal and prosecute the identity thief.

Organized retail crime (ORC) refers to the term of an organized retail theft, most often refers to a large scale theft and fraud from organized groups like professional shoplifters, or sometimes called ‘ boosters”. It’s a term that defines a different variety of retail crimes which includes gift card fraud, receipt fraud, etc. Organized crime rings usually requires items by the fencing operations like flea markets, swap meets, pawn shops, online market stores. Boosters are professionals often thieves making money on the side by steal merchandise and resell them for half the cost. It's not only a national problem for many retailers but for manufacturers, consumers, taxpayers as well in many states. Customers paying high prices to make up for the lost goods, which can cause states to lose tax revenues otherwise it generates from sale of products to legitimate retailers. The well organized crime rings have uncovered many products to targeted to be stolen and resale to the black market. The items are concealable, removable, available, valuable, enjoyable and disposable are more likely to be targeted by criminals that can take the items from stores and turn them into cash or other valuable items.

Cyberspace is an instrument for criminals to design websites to trick people by provide their full information including their social security number. The criminals particular purpose to catch individuals off guard. The law enforcement agencies are currently undergoing investigation into this subject of offense. It happens all the time because people submit their personal including financial information without verify the website is safe. The safety measure is put in place to spot identity theft and tips on preventing them.

The tips to avoid identify theft: Secure social security number: Don’t respond to unsolicited for personal information : Be alerted for shoulder surfers, use hand to cover when typing passwords or pin numbers at Atm’s: Pay attention to bill cycles: Review recipes. The receipts with bank statements and watch out for unknown transactions: Destroy receipts, Credit offers: and expired cards,do not throw away any personal information: Be sure to store personal information in a safe and secure location at home or at work: Install firewalls and antivirus protection software on personal home computer.

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