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Respect As One Of The Life’s Great Treasures On The Example Of Children's Rhymes

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“Row row your boat gently down the stream, merrily, merrily, merrily , life is but a dream”. A prominent nursery rhyme, that briefly explicates my topic. To start with, my subject matter has been defined by many people, they say it is treating others as one would wish to be treated. It means you show care about someone else’s feelings and well-being. It is also valuing each other’s points of views. It also means being open to being wrong. It is also something that everyone effortlessly expects but has no willingness to show. It means accepting people who they are. Lastly, It is a virtue that this society, this world seriously lacks of.

Going back to the nursery rhyme I sang, “Row, row your boat”. The “boat” signifies us, each of us individuals, you, me, each and everyone. “row, row your boat”, means, mind your life! mind your boat, a boat has paddle which is needed in order for you to move, to row your boat. It is you boat you should paddle and not someone else’s! You may guide other else’s boat, give directions, offer help, But! you should not take in charge of their boat, it is your boat, your life you should paddle and mind.

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In the succeeding lyrics, “Gently down the stream”, this refers to our time, our destination, our journey here on earth, in order for us to row gently down the stream, we meet conflicts, struggles, hindrances in our life. So what is my point? Ladies and gentlemen, this nursery rhyme? Is damn rich with symbolisms and one of it is, don’t control people, there will always be a silver thin line on every person that serves as limitations, learn your limitation, take in charge of your boat, paddle on your own and mind your life.

Subsequently, biblically speaking from the book of Matthew 7:12 that says, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. This is also referred as the Golden rule in the bible. Concurrently, similar with this is the platinum rule of humanity that says “treat others the way you want to be treated”. These both rules compliment on our everyday life, we simply have to show understanding and care with what is happening on someone else’s mind. With that simple deed, you are being sensitive around you. My stand here is that, Respect will always be the key on how a person virtuously socialize and on his environment.

Respect will always be the key, why? Let me tell you a story of a child who was a product of bullying because of his gender. He gives importance on how people see him, the way he acts, his behavior and he was very afraid to show what he really is. His mindset was like, “People’s thoughts and opinion matter”. Years passed by, and that kid’s mindset? Has changed, He learned that not everyone thoughts matter and no single person can dictate his life, how he is going to be, who is going to be. Now that kid? he is a grown up, conquering every problems he faces through his journey. That kid? Is the person standing and speaking in front of you.

With my experience, I made my quote “Show them the real you, but also show them the respect you give on yourself’. Respect starts with yourself. A wise man once said, “There is nothing wrong with you, there is a lot wrong with the world you live in”. Respect is gained and earned not effortlessly given! Respect will always be the key, let us accept and respect people as they are. Respect every belief, every feelings, interests, sexuality, religion, social status and everything that comes in your way. To those who have been disrespected? I suggest, don’t give a fuck. For me? I’d speak to everyone in the same way, in the same level of respect whatever your status is.

Life has choices and behind those choices? Are reasons. Whatever the choice is, we must respect. Whatever the reason behind that choice? Still respect. The first thing we should first give to a person? Is none other than, respect. Unfortunately, this word that means a lot starts losing, if we want to get it back, start it on us and apply It first on ourselves. Ladies and gentlemen, Respect is one of the life’s great treasures, I mean what does it all add up, if we don’t have it?


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