Value of Respect and Tolerance in Different Religions: What Islam and Judaism Tells About It

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Table of Contents

  • The Religious Tolerance
  • Tolerance In the Eyes of Islam
  • Tolerance in Judaism

The Religious Tolerance

It is the coexistence of religions in the sense of practicing religious rites and the abandonment of religious intolerance and racial discrimination.

The attitude of religions to religious tolerance It is self-evident that religions, by virtue of their belonging to heaven, command only good, truth and righteousness and call only for righteousness, love, mercy and charity, and only recommend security, peace and peace. It lies in those who believe that they possess the absolute truth and exploit religions in the destinies and destinies of men, a task which God Almighty has given to His good prophets.

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Tolerance In the Eyes of Islam

Islam, for its part, recognizes the existence of an infringing third party as an individual or group and recognizes the legitimacy of that third party from a subjective point of view of belief, perception and practice that contradicts what it deems form and substance. Suffice it to know that the Qur’an has called polytheism a religion despite its apparent invalidity, only because it is in the conscience of its adherents religion. Hence, the crime of polytheists was not in their renunciation of Islam, but in the fact that they refused to live a new religion next to their religion, so they decided to fulfill it and eradicate it from existence.Some of them have delivered verses contained in respect of other religions and respect their privacy and follow them to more than one hundred verses distributed in thirty-six Surahs. Not only did the Koran legislate freedom of religion, but we find it has set a number of etiquette, has called on Muslims to be the subject of hospitality and friendliness and righteousness and charity. The Almighty said: (God does not forbid you who did not fight you in religion and did not get you out of your homes to justify them and Tqstoa them that God loves the premium). Consistent with that call for good handling, we see the Koran warns its followers and forbids them from insulting the polytheists and insulting their beliefs. The content of the verse refers to the fact that it is a continuous indoctrination where God Almighty obliged at all times and place to abide by this literature and not insult others and their beliefs. Indeed, if one considers these principles of religious freedom objectively endorsed by the Koran, one can only admit that they are indeed the principles of religious tolerance in its deepest, most magnificent and most distant values.

In September, the Muslim World League signed the Paris Agreement for the Abrahamic Family with all the French Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant religious communities, becoming the first Islamic organization to bring together representatives of the biblical religions in a single cooperation document to work on commonalities, described in the details of the agreement, to enhance efforts Peace and harmony in the face of rhetoric of extremism, hatred, racism and incitement to the stability and peace of societies.

In May, 1,200 Islamic figures from 139 countries representing 27 Islamic constituencies from different sects and confessions endorsed the ‘Mecca Document’ from the vicinity of the Sacred House and established it as a historic constitution to establish the values ​​of coexistence between religions, cultures, races and sects in Islamic countries. On the one hand. During a trip to Jerusalem in 2014, Pope Francis appealed for ‘free access’ for all Jewish, Christian and Muslim believers to Jerusalem and to stop ‘violence and manifestations of intolerance.’ Pope Francis on Monday thanked the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem for his contribution to the restoration of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem. The church is located in the Old City of Jerusalem, close to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Western Wall.

Tolerance in Judaism

Judaism also calls for tolerance. Let us look at such commandments.

  1. All you hate to do with you, you do not do you .
  2. Wash and purify and remove the evil of your thoughts and stop abusing. Learn charity and seek justice. The concept of freedom of belief also includes the freedom to change one’s religion and move from one religion to another or not to convert to any religion on earth. Religious freedom and freedom of belief are among the most fundamental human rights that are included under Article XVIII of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, adopted in 1966. Article 18, paragraph 3, states: “Freedom to manifest religion or convictions cannot be restricted. Except as prescribed by law, which are necessary for the protection of security, order and public health or for the protection of morals, freedoms and fundamental rights of others. “Accordingly, the freedom of belief in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights rejects any religious or political guardianship that restricts that freedom and does not permit any A hand to restrict this freedom, which is a fundamental right of all human beings, but there are some of the restrictions in the country’s security systems, public health, morals and the rights and freedoms of others protection.

Religious freedom historically and internationally Human rights in general and religious freedom in particular, have not been commonplace today, domestically and internationally. In the aftermath of history, under international conventions and international organizations, but in turmoil, Ambiguity, inequality, difference, evolution, and gradient The idea of ​​human rights is inherent, and when man is created, and with the call of prophets and messengers, from Adam peace be upon him to the Seal of Prophets Muhammad peace be upon him, then with the calls of the reformers. Philosophers and thinkers such as Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Machiavelli, Spinoza, Luke, and Rousseau. And Montesquieu, who developed human rights theories, put forward ideas, and based their view on reality or logic.Man is a member of the human race, or is all human, no matter how different qualities, it is Adam and Eve and who Born of them, made up of body, mind and spirit, without regard to the disparity in other other symptoms, Whether male or female, big or small, rich or poor, white or yellow or black, he is the man Women, whatever their qualities, are human in the eyes of Islam, without racial discrimination, as was claimed by the Romans, Nazism and Fascist, and without racial discrimination as claimed by advocates of nationalities, and without religious discrimination as the Jews claim, without color discrimination as it was in South Africa and atrophied America and Europe distinguish exclusively the Western white man, without discrimination, as claimed by capitalism and communism, without party discrimination, as classified by political parties, without regional discrimination as applied by most contemporary states, and differentiate between citizen, resident and foreign.

To the human being according to his nature, which is not He has the right to be a successor in the earth, and exercise all what God has given him in the world life, and enjoy all the interests that benefit him and good, and pay him bad and evil, they are personal rights of man, and is a safeguard and sacred demand for all people at the level of individuals and groups harmonized, their principles are agreed and their efforts are combined.

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