Responsibilities of a Citizen in Today's Society

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In today’s day and age, many people feel as though humanity has, well, “gone to crap.” People are complaining because they feel as though no one is practicing good citizenship anymore. However, there is a wide variety of ways that one can practice good citizenship in their everyday interactions everywhere they go. Because there are so many simple and easy ways for one to practice their civic duty, there is simply no way that no one would be practicing good citizenship.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines citizenship as the quality of an individual’s response to membership in a community. Simply put, citizenship means whether or not one is a good person. This means showing respect, having a good attitude, or simply helping out when needed. If one can consistently incorporate these qualities into their everyday interactions, they are considered to be a “good citizen.” Everybody should strive to be a good citizen because it greatly benefits the community as a whole.

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What it means to be a “good citizen” varies depending on the different situations one is put in. Making an effort to be a good citizen is important no matter where you are. It is important to be a good citizen whether one is at home, school, or in the community. At home, it means doing chores around the house to help out and listening to one’s parents. At school, it means doing homework on time and helping others if you can. In the community, it means cleaning up after oneself or being kind and cleaning up after others.

Due to the fact, there are many different situations that one can be put in, there are also a variety of ways that one can practice their civic duties. Again at home, be helpful and look around and see what can be done before being asked to do so. At school, be responsible and get homework done on time or early. Be respectful and take pride in the community to keep it a nice, clean place for others to enjoy as well.

The people that feel as though no one practices good citizenship anymore are quite frankly ignorant. Everybody does some form of civic duty at some point, and although not everyone does it consistently, they do it. So instead of complaining about others not doing their civic duty, step up and put in the extra effort to make up for their lack of good citizenship practices.  

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