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Revenge – A Type Of Corrupted Justice

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Revenge is a wild card that can be extremely favorable or insanely harmful that serves its own justice in the hand of the holder. The joker can be representative of who you are by being the person holding the card or being the character in the card. In a lifetime everyone has been wronged correct? But as the person holding the card you can possess two characters, the one being honorable or the one who has no self-preservation. If you are honorable the laws of life will be your justice such that you cannot commit any wrong doing but if you are having no self-preservation by committing the wrong doing back you will be the owner of your justice but that justice is unjustice to your own self.

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There are two alternatives when approaching revenge, deriving satisfaction or to forgive. The common thinking is forgiving and not taking action is the weakest and is the biggest weakness but it’s the complete opposite. Being able to battle that hatred and pain your heart by not committing the actions of the wrong doer through forgiveness shows true victory because you are able to not let those actions put you in the same position as the wrong doer. This demonstrates you are clement and merciful. As humans it’s not an natural instinct to forgive it’s more of a fight for what you’ve lost. If you are taking the action it makes you’re no different compared to the individual that committed the wrong because you’ve become the same individual.

Revenge occurs for many purposes such as the buildup and lack of control for emotions which has the possibility to lead up to cruelty but is revenge the right way to solve it? They’ve been suppressing emotions now expressing them, they’re not in the right mentality to make wise decisions which allows you to ignore them, devalues them and that is the best kind of revenge you can give. The revenge that does not involve the law but with the mind, their actions and time. As a person possesses vengeance they will take it out whom they chose but as time goes by they’re losing more people in their life which leads to being miserable, paranoid and insecure. It devalues them and makes them look absurd because you don’t even know the reason causing the vengeance. With those added emotions and longering of revenge there will be time where they will reflect and contemplate what have they achieve in their lifetime. Besides the feeling of anger they’ve achieved nothing to be proud of. The worst type of revenge is regret that lasts for a lifetime against yourself.

As time moves on, humans move on too. Not moving on is the inevitable but the choice is ours. It’s the matter of yourself moving on to improve, heal and better yourself or you can make the choice not to but then be forced by life to move. Revenge is no different compared to this, you can either accept that what happened in the past can’t be changed, understand that ever action has a consequence and focus on the future to prevent these events from happening again. But if you choose to not move on youre creating more misery because you’re just dwelling on the past that can’t be changed, how can you create happiness and better your future? You’re not allowing yourself to heal as well which hinders the chance for your negativity to go away. What is the point of constantly reliving the past with no improvements while everyone is living in the present or future?

In conclusion revenge is a type of corrupted justice because it is unjustice. The reasons are revenge causes you to dwell in the past, not being able to improve yourself, living with guilt or suppressed emotions and doing cruel actions that have no purpose to improve you but devalues you. When you try to take justice in your hands, it’s a wrong doing. As Aesop and a philosopher once said “He who plots to hurt others often hurts himself and a man who desires revenge should dig two graves”. Revenge is not a good act but it’s only up to the individual to decide.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?