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Abate the Nuisance, by Bill Sage, is a crime fiction novel, chiefly about blackmail. Al Roth and Jake Gertner are childhood best friends. In the past, Al and Jake, as kids, were active members of a street gang, and they liked hanging out with older mobsters. Later on, as young men, they both joined the United States Army. After they were discharged from the army, Al started college while Jake turned to a life of crime, as a hit man. Al graduated from college, went to law school, and became a deputy district attorney. Fortunately, he was appointed a judge to the Orange County Municipal Court, and afterward, elevated to the superior court.

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Now, Arnold Goldman, a renowned Mafia attorney, gets wind of a crime Al and Jake committed in Pontiac while they were in high school. He threatens to go to the Commission on Judicial Performance and the Pontiac Police Department with his discovery unless Al makes some unfair rulings in his client’s favor. Al is a good judge, and to save his career, he sets an airtight plan in motion to silence Goldman.

Unveiling the activity of the Mafia, this narrative is full of fascinating action. It starts in an intriguing manner and then flows smoothly. Whereas it’s a second book in a series, it can stand alone because it ends satisfactorily. It has a well-organized and suspenseful plot, which kept me glued until the last page. Bill’s writing style is very clear. The dialogues are realistic and entertaining, even the court procedure.

Intermittently, the author included a lot of backstories. Thus, the narration goes back and forth in time. I don’t actually like this manner of writing because it leaves me hanging for a while before the next event in the present is revealed. Anyway, I followed the story and enjoyed reading it. It’s full of surprising twists. However, it has some scenes showing extreme violence, and I don’t think it’s a good read for youngsters or readers that don’t like books with excessive violence.

Sincerely, I can’t say there is a good guy in the tale. All the characters go to the extremes to get what they want, both male and female. Nevertheless, they are intriguing. Most of them are sneaky but witty. Hence, their conversations are funny most times. What amazes me most about Al, the protagonist, is that he is a good judge in spite of his affiliation with mobsters. The author provided enough details about all the characters, and I could easily relate to them.

In conclusion, the book is appealing and engaging. It was professionally edited; I saw just two typographical errors. Therefore, I rate it 4 out of 4 stars. I don’t have any reason to rate it lower, and I recommend it to fans of crime and thriller fiction.

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