Review of Arthur Miller’s Play, A View From The Bridge

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A View from the Bridge

Quote 1. “Oh, you guys will be all-right till you pay them off, anyway.” Stage Direction- he is coming more and more to address Marco only;

This quote shows a caring side to Eddie, showing that although he doesn’t particularly want Marco and Rodolpho, Beatrice’s Nephews from Italy coming, he can still be caring and show empathy to why they are here and that Marco has come not for pleasure but get money to send back to his family. Eddie relates to this as he has had to work extremely hard to give Catherine his Niece and Beatrice his Wife a good life. He is reassuring them that they will be alright working in Red Hook, Brooklyn but still telling them straight that after they have paid the ship for their travel it will be a bit harder. Marco had just told Eddie before that he was coming for 4, 5 or 6 years to gather up some money for his family so that they could have a good life, this is probably making Eddie trust Marco more and more as he is reminding him a lot of himself as breadwinner working to support his family, he is going without so that they can have. This then links into the stage direction as after Rodolpho is going on with himself about how much he can earn and how well he works; Eddie then starts to become as though when he is talking he is only addressing Marco. This is backed up as Marco had just raised his hand to hush Rodolpho and Eddie is slowly taking more of a liking to Marco than Rodolpho. In this situation I think that he thinks that Marco is the adult out of Marco and Rodolpho, and that Rodolpho is still a child full of excitement, about to burst by asking too many questions and Rodolpho being a father figure and telling him to stop and be quiet.

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Quote 2. “Hey, Kid –hey, wait a minute-“ Stage Direction- Eddie rises and moves upstage

Eddie starts with “Hey, kid” Hey is very direct and I am guessing in the matter and tone Eddie would be saying it would sound very bold and strong and straight to the point, especially when Rodolpho is singing so loudly he needs to be heard so speaks directly so that he will listen straight away. He then continues with “Kid” this makes it look that Eddie believes that Rodolpho is a child and believes that he doesn’t have to speak to him by his name in a proper matter. From my previous point in our first quote I explained that I believed that Eddie thought of Rodolpho as a child and Marco as a man, this is more evident when Eddie also says “Marco. I mean.” From this Eddie calls Marco by his name and not by kid, child or any other name. This once again suggests that he wants Rodolpho to know who is boss and that while he is living in his house he is a child and that Eddie is man of the house. Then his stage direction suggests to us that after Rodolpho singing one verse of his song Eddie has had enough therefore moves more away from the singing. Then after Rodolpho singing a few more lines he has to stop it. This is when he then says “Hey, Kid” this suggests that he had heard enough but wanted it to stop so makes an excuse about them being picked up by immigration, which I believe was not only an excuse but a way to make Rodolpho and Marco think that he really cares about them staying with him and that he is looking out for them. However in true facts he just wants Rodolpho to be quiet and stop singing because he doesn’t like Rodolpho getting all the attention from his Wife and Niece.

Quote 3. “For that character I didn’t bring her up.” Stage Direction- He is already weakening

“For that character.” Meaning Rodolpho shows us once again that he doesn’t think of Rodolpho on the same level as himself so this time refers to him as a character showing us that he really doesn’t care about Rodolpho at all. Although he is talking to Beatrice about him he is still paying no respect to him. He is now starting to show us a more stubborn side to himself where he is not going to let this pass, he does not want Catherine and Rodolpho together and we don’t yet understand why. Yes we can see that he is just looking out for his Niece as he is really her role model and father figure to go off, however Catherine is 17 she should get a bit of choice in who she decides to court even if it is 1950. He could influence her decision but shouldn’t tell her she can or cant. His stubbornness continues more when it comes to the stage direction, because although his wife is talking to him he is paying no attention, and at this point she is trying to tell him something really important. He doesn’t really care what Beatrice is saying he just waiting up on Rodolpho and Catherine to come back, therefore ignoring Beatrice and going off at a tangent.

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