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Review Of DOVPO Trigger 168 TC Box Mod

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Trigger 168

This is my first experience with DOVPO but after some research of their site, I was impressed by the amount of products they have and the designs. The DOVPO Trigger 168 is one of their larger mods being a dual 18650 mod that can go to a max wattage of 168 W, hence the name. The Basium Squonker is one of their more popular mods as it is a joint collaboration with Dean the ‘Vaping Biker’ who is one of the biggest reviewers here in the UK.

Whats in the box?

One Dovpo Trigger box mod

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One USB charging cable

One warranty card

One instruction manual

DOVPO Trigger 168 TC Box Mod ReviewDOVPO Trigger 168 Key Features

Aluminium alloy construction

Variable wattage: 5W-168W

Temperature control: 200’F-600’F / 93’C-315’C

Output Voltage: 6.4V-8.4V

Resistance range: 0.1ohm-1.5ohm

Working modes: wattage/ByPass/Ni200/Ti/Ss316L

0.96” OLED screen display

Multiple safety features

Houses dual 18650 batteries

DOVPO Trigger 168 TC Box ModDOVPO Trigger 168 Design and Build Quality

The Trigger is constructed from Zinc Alloy, which makes for a good feeling and weighted mod. Metalic mods always feel nicer than plastic in my opinion but you are paying the price of quality with weight. The mod is a standard weight amongst most duel battery devices and offers a good balance. I’ve been using the OBS Engine II RTA as my main tank with this mod and it sits at 26mm wide with no overhang. This tank is the largest that can be used with the Trigger with no overhang which is a decent size as most tanks are 24mm.

The mod uses duel 18650 batteries which is the industry average but it might not always be the case with more and more 20700/21700 mods being released. Battery life is the same as similar devices and can last a day maybe a little more depending on usage. The screen is somewhat b basic in appearance but bright and provides all the needed information, it is also unique with a slight curve which magnifies.

DOVPO Trigger 168 TC Box ModThe design has a modern steam punk appearance with metal ventilation holes and carbon fiber stickers on either side. The adjustment buttons are located on the top side of the mod which is a little different and for good reason. This is the natural resting place of your index finger which can cause issues by acciendetly pressing buttons. A quick solution to this is to lock the buttons but this can be seen as extra work.

How does it perform?

The Trigger has a lot of features that perform very well, it temperature control modes work well but not great. Firstly every mode has a curved counter part mode, for instance you have temperature controlled Ni mode and temperature controlled Ni curve mode. This allows you to customize the performance of the mod to your taste, however for the temperature controlled functions it doesn’t quite work 100% accurately but it still does a good job. The simplistic screen also allows for extra battery life as its not wasting power on a fancy colored screen which I personally prefer, I don’t need a massive HD screen.

DOVPO Trigger 168 TC Box ModIn terms on performance on day to day use, it worked as well as any dual battery mod, its not as punch as some but with its smooth ramp up its a pleasurable vape. The batteries lasted the day and it has efficient enough power to fuel any tank. The key thing which I now look out for and this mod has it increasing increments of 1 watt at a time, this is so much easier then 0.1 and cuts out all the hastle. I wouldn’t say this mod impressed me or stood out but it worked without my noticing any issues which is what I think most vapers need.

DOVPO Trigger 168 TC Box Mod Pros and Cons


Good build quality

Good materials used

Alot of funtions and options

Easy to use interface



Poor deisgn lay out of buttons

Slightly larger for a dual battery mod

LED back light (not everyone will love)

DOVPO Trigger 168 TC Box Mod Video Review

Final Thoughts

The mod does everything you need it to do and more. It does it will a flawless build and great marerials which make it look and feel quality. I personally feel a little let down with the placement of the buttons as when they are not locked I found myself continuesly adjusting my setting accidenetly. Its will fit and fire most most tanks on the market and will allow you to vape all of the day, so how much more do you really need then that. Overall I would say this is a worth while mod but I would rush out and buy it.


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