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“Huswifery” by Edward Taylor is deepening us readers minds to show us the life Edwards, Taylor longs to have to Grow more from, and with God. This poem strongly portrays desperation and begging. Edward was a priest, along with a perfectionist, and wanted nothing else but to be a saint in God eyes. This poem is very dramatic and shows us readers the in depth steps Taylor would take to be a better Prophet of God. I myself sometimes want to have this longing and strives Edward shows throughout the poem. Although Taylor poem was short, it’s meaning goes beyond the stanzas. In the first stanza Taylor is comparing God’s work to a spinning wheel. “Make me, O Lord, Thy spinning wheel complete..” Taylor states.

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To explain what Taylor is trying to say in Modern language is, Taylor needs God to fulfill his life in ways he can be used to do God’s work. He wants the Bible to support his efforts, “Thy Holy word my distaff make for me”. I too, like Taylor feel I need the Bible to help support me in the Christ like decisions I need to make. I love how Taylor is so thriving and determined to push himself, and pray to God for helping of his soul. Being humble is what Taylor shows best. Although Taylor was a very educated and smart man, he knew he was no better than the next. Taylor knew that God was the most wonderful and powerful of all. This pleases me. Being humble is a quality trait in my eyes and it makes me think more highly of Taylor’s poetry. Taylor expressed his longing in his problems in the second stanza. “Make me Thy loom, then, knit therein this twine; And make Thy holy spirit.” Taylor exclaims in this quote, it’s meaning is telling us reader, that Taylor wants to be made into good works.

Taylor is telling God that he is weak and needs help obeying God and his word. Taylor continues to say. “Then weave the web thyself. The yarn is fine.” This quote really defines who Taylor is. Taylor knows that following God isn’t going to be easy. He is telling God that whatever yarn he uses is fine, he’s ready for anything. I cannot but think that Taylor’s strength and faith overfilled his heart. He didn’t ever once tell God he can’t do whatever it takes to follow him, because it was going to be hard. He was confident in the purpose God had for him. He remained humble and willing, to that purpose. In this particular religious poem Taylor went beyond the meaning of surprise, and strongly emphasized the meaning of what it takes to be “saint”.

In the “Huswifery” Taylor compared almost everything he said to clothing. Although clothing can be a good thing for us, in this poem clothing is that “final” step to becoming the “spinning wheel”. Learning the meaning of this poem was difficult at first. I kept trying to understand why he kept using reputation of clothing and a spinning wheel. A spinning wheel is usually made of 6-8 pieces. Taylor life is each one of those pieces. To become more and more toward conquering all those pieces, he needs to have God to change him. Taylor needs God to renew those pieces and be completely cleansed of sin. It emphasized the meaning of the symbolism behind the “spinning wheel”. To continue, Taylor then proceeds. “That I am clothed in holy robes for glory.” Taylor used his appeal to explain that his finished product is the robe granted to him by God. Through this poem he worn knitted clothing with yarn not so great. Meaning he didn’t live the best life for God. At the end he proceeds to finally have that “holy robe”. He is now a vessel to God’s heart and he now can wear that “holy robe”. Taylor really emphasized the clothing in the last stanza of this poem. The way that he compared his striving for God to clothing enhanced the in-depth of this poem. It made me stop and think to myself how much he cared about growing his soul more and getting God to help him.

Edward Taylor wasn’t just a regular mister, and poet. Edward Taylor was a man who didn’t just write to God for help. He made sure he put meaning behind it and he knew he was failing in some aspects. He didn’t just stop and wait around for the storm to past. He fought for a better life, and he knew that he needed to change. Taylor showed greatness of desperation, humbleness, and affectioness. There isn’t many poets who can write a letter to God and be so yearning. I loved how Edward was so pure about this letter. He used his heart and made it known to others.

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