Review of Jack Conte’s Tedtalk How Artists Can (Finally) Get Paid in the Digital Age

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The way of life of a person changes under the influence of digital technologies. These changes open the way to a fundamental output of labor, create unique opportunities, allow new market niches to be developed and real benefits to be obtained. Digital technology is the most important innovation of the late 20th century. More and more people are starting to use it every day. If a few years ago someone would ask: what are social networks or the Internet? Anyone would have difficulty answering this question. Now, what is the Internet known to everyone.

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Everyone knows what happened next. 10 years ago came the era of the Internet. Now we have Spotify, Facebook and YouTube, iTunes, Instagram and Google search engine.

The episode of the life of 34 year old Jack Conte, who had to work to make a living. A complex period of life is reflected in his emotions. The video features 3 main emotions: Jack Conte, Joy, Sadness and surprise. Jack Conte once again confirmed his status as a musician with a deep philosophical meaning. He gave us the opportunity to look into the inner world of digital technologies. Jack Conte talk on this video is simple and unique at the same time. Infrequently I manage to get inside the main characters on the video! Usually I feel like an escort, but here it was impossible to tear myself away from the screen. Jack began to talk about his musician career about there when he had just finished the album in 2007, where he poured his heart and soul, posted it on MySpace and saw 3 views a day also kept his hands off, even if he was not initially paid , And here in 2009 he began to make money on his videos and in iTunes. It pleased him that they began to pay him and appreciate his work. He thereby proves to all that it is impossible to be upset. And look for the positive side. His earnings secured him a studio, he built with his friends. Now known as Patreon, the platform supports more than 50,000 creators who earn money to earn money to create their art – from music to show to sports journalism As a student, I can say that this video is likely to bring the best results.

Jack says that the digital age will be the perfect combination of good money in life. Although Jack Conte illustrates a potential improvement in the way content creators are monetizing off of their artistic endeavors, a weakness lies in the fact that there is still a long time to wait for this improvement to turn to reality. Conte mentions in his TedTalk that the system is just “not there yet” when it comes to monetization off of content, and paints a more optimistic idea to content creators to wait for this change to arrive. In his TedTalk he also underlines another flaw in this schematic plan which is related to the cultural respect given to those content creators and their “professions”. Conte uses an anecdote of a personal experience where a man at a cocktail party hoped his band would succeed in the future even though, unknowingly, Jack’s band was making thousands of dollars over their internet content. This critique may be the greatest drawback in Conte’s plan as it demonstrates that even though creators can potentially be monetizing off their content, from society’s perspective, they don’t uphold “real professions”.

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