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Review of Literature on the Influence of Global Media on Pakistan

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Juni (2014) in his paper “Impact of Global Media on the Culture of Pakistan” stated that Pakistan is not a developed country and it is verily facing negative effects of mass media, Pakistan is readily being influenced by the west media and entertainment channels replacing the Pakistani culture by others.

Shabir, Farooq, Amin and Chaudhry (2013), in their work “Mass Media, Culture & Society With the Perspective of Globalization, Modernization and Global Culture, stated the job of electronic media and how Indian culture is supplanting the Pakistani culture. While new social patterns have been begun since the world has turned out to be worldwide town. Way of life of individuals in Lahore has changed, media has turned into a place from where new patterns can be gotten, and Islamic code of life has been infrequently pursued.

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Khan and Arif (2009) showed in their work “Impact of Media Imperialism on Pakistani Culture: A case study of Youth of Multan”, that TV stations drawing in the adolescent towards new social patterns which is turning into the fundamental reason of not social collaborating among the young, since they jump at the chance to invest their energy to sit in front of the TV as opposed to going through it with relatives or the general public individuals. Thussu (2000) in his article ‘Indian media – from frontier to worldwide’ says “Universally, regardless of a counter stream of social items, as exemplified by the system, for example, Zee, US-Led western media control has not reduced”.

Tomlinson (1991) in his work “Social Imperialism: A Critical Introduction” contends that a main concern distinguished in the media globalization is that expanding solidification, globalization and deregulation of media combinations has been “Setting up the path for the unyielding development of a one-dimensional’ entrepreneur culture”. Ogan (1988) stated in his work that “Third world customers of (remote) media items will be affected by the qualities natural in that substance, estimations of an outsider and overwhelmingly industrialist framework”. Hamelink (1983) contends that the social qualities advance to fit the monetary and natural requirements looked by the general public. At the point when customs that might be consummately harmless in one society are embraced by or forced upon others, the impacts can be crushing. As indicated by the Hamelink, C. J. ‘Social synchronization’ otherwise called social globalization or government alludes to the procedure by which predominant societies invade and supplant satellite societies. Barrett (1977) led the exploration on universal correspondence under the heading “media Imperialism”. He characterized media dominion as “the procedure whereby the possession, structure, dissemination or substance of the media in any nation are separately or together subject to generous outside weights from the media interests of some other nation or nations without proportionate response of impact by the nation so influenced. “

Schiller (1976) in his work “Correspondence and Cultural Domination” proposed the utilization of the expression “Social colonialism” to portray and clarify the manner by which vast multinational enterprise, including the media, of created nations commanded creating nations. He has been praised as one of the real advocates of social government hypothesis. He translated that western human progress deliver most of the media (film, funnies and so forth) since they have the cash to do as such. Whatever remains of the world buys those creations since it is less expensive for them to do as such as opposed to deliver their own. Hence, underdeveloped nations are watching media loaded up with the western world’s method for living, accepting and considering. The third world societies at that point begin to need and do similar things in their nations and devastate their very own way of life. New social patterns are advanced by the broad communications and this new pattern is supplanting the neighborhood societies of countries with the ruling country’s way of life. With the innovation in technology in the past 50 years impact of media has grown up steadily. At the beginning there was broadcast, later on radio, daily paper, magazines, TV and the web. The significant consequences for culture contributed to mass media.

Television transmits everything that is adequate or not adequate in the extensive variety of proportions, including ethnicity, gender, age, mental ability and sexual orientation. Various Programs transmitted by television become a source of entertainment, information, escape, laughter and tears for its viewers. Since the last few decades Indian channels and programs have taking over Pakistani television and as a result Indian culture has transfused itself in Pakistani culture to the point that it has repressed the later and is taking over it as mass media is the easiest and effective way to promote the culture of one country to others and destroy one’s cultural identity.


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