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Nagasaki Atomic Bomb museum was made after the atomic bomb explosion. The decision to use the nuclear bomb against Japan was dangerous. As a result, many people died, were injured, and killed. The bombing was done in order to end the ongoing war as quickly as possible. The website conveys the pictures of untold details of Nagasaki City to help people understand the destructive power of the atomic bomb and its impacts. Nagasaki museum is one of the very few negative cultural legacies of Japanese society that teaches the absolute outcome of people’s inconsideration towards each other.

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Furthermore, the website illustrates all the tragedies that the Japanese nation faced during the Second World War from different angles. It reveals heartbreaking stories of families’ separation and also gives readers access to historical facts in the hope of not only educating but also preventing future generations from repeating the mistakes of the past. Throughout the paper, Nagasaki City, Peace and Atomic Bomb website will be critically analyzed with a historical understanding of the impacts the war and the nuclear bombing on the Japanese people. The website serves as a reminder of how catastrophic the outcomes of a nuclear war can be. With the help of the Nagasaki website, people could comprehend that although wars were not nonexistent before world war two, the second world war in particular was brutally unique in that it utilized the power of nuclear weaponry. In other words, the website reminds people of the darkest and suffering moment of all the history to give them a chance to reconsider what actually happened in the past to our generation. In that sense, one of the main purpose of the website is to act as a reminder to the fact that the atomic bomb is one of the worst decisions made in history. Competition among empires for power lead to such a dangerous and drastic event.

The next time, shall humanity uses atomic bomb again, it will be carried out on a much larger scale than before due to the rapidly increasing growth in technology. Therefore, the museum acts as a reminder of unimaginable happenings of the past caused by the disastrous atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki City. In that sense, the museum has become a symbol of peace and unity in the world after a loss in a great war that certainly will not be forgotten. On the other hand, the structure of the website gives a compellingly detailed description of historical events that are eye-opening. It contains in the most descriptive manner examples of victim testimonials, damages of explosions and related documents that serve to remind us of the catastrophe in detail.

For example; one of the survivors stated that “I pray that no one else will ever experience the brutal tragedy that I witnessed at the age of eleven”. The fact that the website includes survivors’ statements and testimonies; provides direct evidence to examine and interpret the past, and also it elevates the reader’s experience of the explosion by giving survivors’ perspectives. Not only does it reveal the physical damages the bomb has brought to the nation but the fear and the psychological suffering it has brought to the people as well. To further enhance the experience, the website gives an accurate evidence by including the pictures of the nuclear bomb where and when it was used, to help others to witness its tragic moment with a thorough information of how the atomic bomb looked like and how it works, how much damages it can cause and its extreme destructive powers.

Overall, Nagasaki City, Peace and Atomic Bomb website firstly, gives a chance for many people to gain an in-depth understanding of the happenings and the results of the war. Secondly, the website acts as a reminder to those who do and do not know alike, the destructiveness of war and more importantly, nuclear war.

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