Review of Sash Weight Murder Case by Bill Bryson

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Review Of Sash Weight Murder Case By Bill Bryson

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This was an era in which two-thirds of murders went unsolved and the average homicide rate as higher than it is now. Bryson writes about many murder cases I thought were very interesting. For example, I found the Sash Weight Murder Case most interesting and since it gripped the nation. This was a gruesome murder in a modest family home on Long Island. This was about a woman name Ruth Brown who got married to Albert Snyder without being in love. In 1925, she met Judd Gray who was a traveling salesman and soon began a relationship. Ruth then tricked her husband to sign a life insurance policy which provided $100,000 which she made sure to get.

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Therefore, she poisoned his whiskey and added sleeping pills, gave him bichloride of mercury tablets but that hasn’t slowed him down so she turned to Grey. Together they thought of what would be a perfect plan. It was for Grey to creep into the bedroom and smash Snyder’s skull with a sash weight, but it did not go as planned. Instead, Snyder woke up and grabbed Grey’s necktie. Mrs. Snyder seized the sash weight from Grey and brought it down on her husband’s cranium. She and her former lover strangled him with a picture wire. Grey loosely tied her on the floor and kissed her goodbye and left. Soon after this, the police confronted him so he confessed and Ms. Snyder was sentenced to death by electric chair. This was soon in every newspaper in the nation.

On April 1927, a storm system pounded the middle third of America with rain. Most places received six to eight inches and some even a foot. Nearly all that water raced into swollen creeks and rivers. The Mississippi river drained 40 percent of America and never in history had it been this strained. The river soon took over things like trees and cows. The volume of passing water reached two million cubic feet per second. Some 1,200 feet of earthen back burst open and a volume of water equal to that at Niagara Falls poured through the chasm. The water rushed across the landscape that sadly people had no way to escape.

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