Review of the Article "A Study Shows the Best Times of Day to Post to Social Media"

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This article talks about how to promote social media more effectively through their decision support tools. They analyzed the human brain that later shows the biological responses of when the viewers are more perceptive. For example, promotion in the morning will get more clicked compare to any other time of the day. However, posting an advertisement with incentive emotion is more effective in the morning and an advertisement that required the audience to think is more effective in the afternoon.

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This happened because human memory varied across the time and morning time is the highest one, while during the afternoon is the lowest one, and it considerably balanced in the evening. The higher the memory makes us more alert and receptive of new information. Based on this information, they decide to develop a support tool that will match the social media promotion with the right audience posted on the right time so it will result in reduced cost and higher consumer clicked. The research discovered that many social media managers do their promotion activities with less or even no strategies at all. Many of them actually often did what we called "spray and pray", an activity that basically posts hundreds of promotions all over the places and hopes one of that promotions get clicked by the customer. This, what makes audiences get a random advertisement on many websites that do not have any relation at all. Other surprising facts are how they choose the time to post. Many acknowledge that the time is completely random with at least 30-minute interlude between each post. It's quite surprising to see a lot of systems of promotion in social media don't have a planned decision regarding where or when to promote, especially because social media promotion is also one of the largest sectors of advertising and the budget spent for this field is not a small amount of money.

In the U. S. alone, a company is predicted to spend $37 billion dollars on social media promotion each year. Yet, looking back, based on this information, it explains the reasons why customers keep complaining of getting too many advertisements. Also, most of them are not match with their interest and times. Thus, it made the customers feel that the advertisements are not useful and wasting time. However, if the advertisement aligned with the customer interest and posted on the right times which is match with the human brain memory system, I believe it will be more convenient and useful to customers because unconsciously it will be easier for a human brain to absorbs the advertisement. Looking from the company perspective, it will also be more convenient because not only they will get more customer but also more profits from the right promotion they have made. This new strategy of using social media also can become an example of using IT in a smarter way, because it will give companies more efficient and effective way of promoting their products or services through Social Media. If this system can go together with the person behind the desk such as managers it will also give a company a competitive advantage.

In Conclusion, I believe this new support tools of technology especially for social media promotion can be a new positive step for both consumers and companies. When people and technologies go into a system that makes it more profitable for producers and more convenient for customers I can see how this invention will bring the digital advertising to a greater era.

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