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Review Of The Article “Grit” BY Angela Duckworth

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“Grit” by Angela Duckworth talks about having a passion for something that you love, while helping others and being selfless in the process.

First, the article tells us stories about certain people and what they been through like this girl name Alex Scott that has been diagnosed with neuroblastoma disease. Alex told her mom that she wanted a lemonade stand and before she turned five; she raised two thousand dollars. After she died, her parents continued her legacy and today her foundation has raised about one hundred million dollars for cancer research. In this whole experience, Alex was doing something she love and helping people who were going through her same situation.

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The article also discusses Jane Golden a grit paragon who had lupus. She always managed to stay positive and work on making art. It turned into the largest public art program. After Duckworth told stories about people selfless acts to help other people. She tells us about the meaning of purpose and pleasure and the difference between the two. Purpose is “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists”. While pressure is “a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment”. In the article purpose is when you’re doing something for the greater good while pleasure is for one self. I agree with Duckworth when she says that the world increase of survival was pleasure like food and sex. “On one hand, human beings seek pleasure because, by and large, the things that bring us pleasure are those that increase our chances of survival.” “If our ancestors haven’t craved food and sex, for example they wouldn’t have lived very long or had many offsprings.” “To some extent, all of us are, as freud put it, driven by the “pleasure principle”.”

I agree with this because without sex we wouldn’t have the society we have today and the billon of people in the world and without food there be nobody on earth. I also agree that sometimes purpose is not for good reasons. Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler, for instance, were most certainly gritty.” “They also prove that the idea of purpose can be perverted”. “How many perished at the hands of demagogues whose stated intentions was to contribute to the wellbeing of others?. I agree with this because Hitler and Stalin had a purpose in this world and it wasn’t to help people, it was to bring them down.

All in all “Grit” is telling stories about people that were doing what they love and helping people in the process. It tells us about pleasure and purpose and the world has different reason for it.


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