Review of the Beginning Woods by Malcolm Mcneill

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The Beginning Woods is about an unwanted boy named Max Mulgan who was abandoned in a bookshop. He must go to the Beginning Woods to find out about his “Forever Parents”, and the Vanishings, which have started ever since he had appeared in the world. The setting is London, England. The main character, Max Mulgan, is a smart young boy who is fascinated by books. The Dark Man is a scientist named Boris Peshkov who found the Vanishings beautiful. Forbes Mulgan works at Chumley Slaughterhouse and is the adoptive parent of Max. Reginald “Chopper” Chuley was the owner of Chumley Slaughterhouse and ran the slaughterhouse gift shop during the day. The main conflict is that Max can’t find out who his “Forever Parents” are and their whereabouts. As the characters tried to solve the problem, along the way they kept on finding new bits of information on what they were looking for, for example, learning that the Kobold is not a part of Max himself, but a form of him when he was a baby.

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The book ended with Max finding his Forever Parents and learning the cause of the Vanishings to prevent it. One significant quote from the book “If Max heard Alice or Forbes walking near his door, he would hide the book under his pillow. If he thought about what they would say if they came in he would get mad. They’d tell him he’d have to start living in the real world, and he would reply you can’t make me! You’re not my real parents!” This quote is significant because it shows that Max is getting frustrated at the fact that he’s not living with his parents, and that he’s being told what to do by “strangers. ” Another significant quote is “Max’s dreams about the Woods had been true. If so, then his other dreams about his Forever Parents were probably true too. Max didn’t believe the Dark Man’s belief that he had no parents. Max didn’t believe that at all. Max just needed to locate them, and they would be able to explain the Appearance. ” This is significant because it shows Max’s perseverance of believing that he has parents and that he would be able to find them. I liked this book a lot. The first reason as to why I liked this book is because the first three chapters were exceptionally interesting and it hooked me as a reader to want to keep on reading. The second reason is I like the fictional science genre of books. The third reason is that the book’s plot is well written and played out.

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