Review of the Film Eye Contact

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Review Of The Film Eye Contact

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The film, Eye contact, is an adequately produced horror film, and it deserves 4 out of five stars. The filmmaker wants you to experience the suspense happening in the film.

It takes place on a deserted beach path and through the woods. The young female jogger and the figure of a man in dress clothes never make eye contact with each other. This man is a shadow, silhouette. The jogger first spots the shadow man below the lighthouse, after her jog through the woods, and when she climbs down, she spots the man at the top of the lighthouse where she was last at. She is spooked, and she begins to feel like it is watching her, so she takes some detours in the woods hoping that feeling will go away. In the middle of her jog, she turns her head around and finds that the man in silhouette is behind her and on her trail. She then tries to outrun away from it, but it seems like it doesn’t go away, almost like it can beam itself over any amount of distance and catch up to her. The woman thought she could escape it by entering her house, and locking the entrance, but it appeared out of nowhere when it got inside and still caught her.

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The elements of suspense throughout the film will immerse the viewer to first feel like they are omnipresent and then it switches to first person point of view from the angle of the female running out of breath. There were many suspense techniques used in the film. Many of which, was off its soundtrack. The sounds help build up the suspense until the moment of the encounter. Every time the camera angles towards the lighthouse the music intensifies.

Finally, when she goes into the lighthouse and begins to climb up, the sounds become more ominous. It’s like the music is foreshadowing what’s to come, and its doom. As she goes up the stairs the sound moves down the music scale and gets deeper and more ominous, anticipating something near is coming. The music then cuts off, and we get an up-close shot of the jogger’s eyes when she first sees the shadow man. Her eyes look at it in an unsettling manner, so she retreats down to the ground, but not before taking another look behind her. When the camera took a zoom in at the man on top of the lighthouse, I nearly jumped out of my seat and screamed!

The music was what got me the most, it was the eeriest sound I ever heard, and it fit so well in that particular scene. The cinematography, in the woods, is also pleasurable to watch. The camera captures mid shot angles of the jogger, close up shots of her face when there’s hair in her face and eyes wide, as well as handheld shots of when she is running away. That connects the viewer more to story. Amazing work on special effects when the runner was on a neighborhood street. The road behind her shortens and the road in front of her stretches, indicating that she is about to meet her doom. No matter how fast she runs or how far she gets, the shadow man is always there.

What captivated me the most was the moment the trail behind the jogger began to shrink, and the trail in front of her began to stretch. It really captured the plot of the film. Its strengths are music and camerawork. The sounds used in the film were brilliant and the cinematography was good because it interpreted many of the angles in the short film and not just one. It made the whole film better to watch. The only improvement I’d suggest is that the film’s actor who is the female jogger show more expressions and exaggerate her pain after running for a long time.

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