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The car? Or a truck? Perhaps an extension. The ford f150 has been the iconic truck that no one ever asked for but still got. The car defines what the American company can really achieve. The truck was an extension of what the old America really was. Big, bulky with a lot of power and gets the job done. That’s what America has stood for years and that is what the ford f150 is basically a personification of. The ford f series is a series of light duty to medium duty trucks that have been marketed and manufactured by the ford motor company since the year of 1948. While most of the variant of the f series trucks are full size pickup trucks, the f series also included chassis cab trucks and commercial vehicles. The ford f series has been literally the best selling vehicle in the us history. Marketed and shown in literally hundreds of movie including the famous fast and furious franchise. It generated a revenue of about 41 billion dollars for ford and became one of the major reason that made ford more valuable than coco cola and nike.

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The thirteenth generated and forward f150 define all the other f series truck almost perfectly.

If you had asked someone what vehicle has always been the personification of America they’d probably tell you that such a vehicle has to be big ,strong, should have rugged looks and has to pack great power. But you’d never imagine it to be a truck now would you? That’s where you might be wrong. Becoming the best selling vehicle in the united states. Infact, selling so much that it increased the company’s worth to a staggering amount making the company more valuable then coco-cola or nike. Selling so much that almost everyone you knew or somebody they knew must have had or have this so called personification of the ideal of the states. The ford f150 is a 4 wheel drive vehicle that is not just a pickup truck but so much more. With a price tag of 35000 dollars clearly it is not anywhere near the cheap spectrum. On the outside its ruggedness may give you the wrong feeling as well. But don’t let these things fool you off from it. This vehicle (with surprisingly great interior for a truck) gives great performance.

Lets talk models

The 13th generation of the ford f150 lines have had many distinguishing features that also include 4×4 vehicle capability. What this translates to is having all tires engaged by the drive train. This means the f150 is able to move on all terrains without a problem so you can do both off-roading or inroading without any issue. In 2014 a new platform for the f150 was released that gave it a full aluminium construction of the body. Many safety features and driver assist were included namely :

Adaptive cruise control

Collision warning and brake support

Blind spot information system

Cross traffic alert

Lane keeping system

Even though the in the chassis contruction exclusively aluminium framework was used, some part of the frame were still constructed with iron/steel. As for the engine : in order for more fuel efficient engines for the f150 a 3.5 litres verision of the Ti-VCT V6 replaced the 3.7 litres version as the entry level engine. Later on EcoBoost V6 were also introduced all of which translated into more power. We are talking a range of 350-400 horsepower with around 420-510 lb-ft of torque. The tires spinning at in a range of 3000-4500 rpm (depending on engine/car type). Trust us. This is all the power you are ever going to need.

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