Review of "What Happens When You Have a Disease Doctors Can't Diagnose" Ted Talk by Jennifer Brea

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After hearing those few words from your doctor explaining to you that you may have a disease that is something that cannot be diagnosed can be very upsetting. Jennifer Brea was a clear example of someone who lived through the rough times but together showed the world that she will get through it and she will conquer what she has left in her. Before the diagnosis was given to her by her neurologist, she had been studying science with many subjects but after the incident it became harder to continue. As a college student, to even hear that hurts because you never know what may come your way. It may be something so tragic and it would be the last thing you expect. Through this thorough TED talk, it genuinely got me thinking about how hard it may be for so many individuals going through the similar struggles that Jennifer is. The fact that she had the courage to even speak her story and share to an audience of individuals that she did not even know was brave in my opinion. With honesty, I did agree with Jennifer Brea’s perspective. She shared her story and provided evidence to back up how she was feeling whether it was in the moment or in the past.

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Jennifer’s prognosis was quite different comparing other patients that may have the disease. In her stand point, she mentioned of how lucky for where she came and the improvement that she faced. However other patients did not even get the chance to even get out of bed or to even see the light outside of their own house. Given the privilege that Jennifer had was something that she was blessed with. After seeing many doctors Jennifer finally got a diagnosis and was told that she had Myalgic Encephalomyelitis in other words means “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”. The disease compared to “hysteria” or “conversion disorder” were directly related due to the emotions that were portrayed by her herself and or other patients. Watching her through the video, it showed the small things that presented that she was get caught up in the moment. Just having the disease is one thing but then to find out that the disease could have terrible incidence rates throughout years is frightening. Not only did the research show that, but to find out that since the 1950s in the United States the rates of the disease either doubled or tripled throughout the years. It is frightening to not only herself but to the community to whom are suffering just as much as she is.

As something so strong in talking about either gender; I believe that it comes to show that Jennifer did a great job describing. I think this way because regardless of the gender, the disease is just the same and so is the time they have to go through the pain. Towards the end of the ted talk to begin to discuss that every individual suffering with the disease all as hope. She put herself as an example. Even though Jennifer cannot run the miles she wants to or do things she could before; she is grateful for what she has and that she is still living and here with us today.

Having Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is a disease that you do not necessarily hear about but is impacting many individuals around the world. Through this TED talk I learned that not only does will power get you through the tough times, but remembering of where you are and how you got there. Remember your place and also remind yourself of the hope that is surrounded around you. A disease can impact your life if you let it, it is your job to avoid that and make it better. Jennifer Brea did just that, and that is what made this ted talk so special, seeing her overcome what was hard for her but also sharing it with people she has never met.

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