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Review On Bhag Milkha Bhag

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Olympic running legend Milkha Singh, gets a lavish biopic treatment in the movie ‘Bhag Milkha Bhag’ The movie’s name if translated Into English would mean ‘Run Milkha Run. ’ Bhag Milkha Bhag is an invigorating and bounteously crafted film about Milkha’s life and his struggles and how he vanquished them. Farhan Akhtar a well-known Bollywood actor earned the golden opportunity to play the role of Milkha Singh and direct this blockbuster movie. Milkha who declaredly sold his life rights to the filmmakers for just a summation of 1 Indian rupee! 1 rupee if converted into US dollars is equal to 0. 014usd. The Indian Sprinter is a role model and motivation for all the upcoming Indian athletes.

The movie begins in the late 1930s at, Lahore which is currently located in Pakistan which in the 1930s was a part of India, the movie begins with showing how Milkha was going through his ugliest scenes of childhood, witnessing his parents’ slaughter during the Indo-Pak partition in 1947. He evacuated to India all alone by himself at almost the age of 10. He struggled to get a job in India as it was a multitudinously populated country, with millions of jobless and poverty-stricken people. After various rejection from jobs, Milkha finally got a place in the Indian Army, that’s the point where his life took a new turn and a new chapter in Miklha’s life began.

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On a random day some Indian athletics selectors held a race, in which was promised that the top 10 people out of 100 people will get special training from India’s elite coaches. In which Milkha placed 2nd, but the fact that drew selectors attention to him was that we made a remarkable comeback after being down a lot. That’s where Milkha and the selectors discovered that Milkha has talent to run. From then Milkha’s training started. He had made a good impact on his coaches but he was really put up to test when he ran a race against India’s best runner of the 1940s, he ran the race barefoot the tune played in the movie while Milkha is running gives the viewer a clearer idea of the scene. But, almost at the finishing line Milkha injured his foot which makes him come 1st as he dived at the finishing line and created the national record and finally got selected in the Indian national Team. Milkha Singh ran his international debut in 1940 Rome Olympics where results were not as how Milkha expected them to be. Milkha was depressed and unhappy about his debut performance, at this point he realized that a regular training wasn’t enough to get him what he wants to be.

Therefore, he left for Ladakh a high-altitude place located in India. Where he got rough but elite training in the mountainous regions of Ladakh. This led to Milkha winning gold in all sprinting events from 1958 to 1962. This was India’s and Milkha’s golden time in the sporting events. The climax of the film come at the last race of Milkha Singh again Abdul Khaliq, Pakistan’s best sprinter. This race will be written as the most intense sporting event between India and Pakistan. The overconfident Pakistan wanted to defeat Milkha on the land where his parents we slaughtered. But, Milkha refused and he won Abdul Khaliq by a long distance saying it as a revenge for hid beloved mom and dad. The best part was when they show the child Milkha (played by Japtej Singh) and the older Milkha on the same track, as the elder Milkha gets some memory of his childhood, this scene and the music being played here is really emotional. After the scene the movies ends on a sudden note, leaving the viewers in tears. I would like to pay respect to the Indian sprinter as he recently expired. He will always be remembered as a legendry sprinter in the history books on India.


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