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Review on Taxes: Corporate Tax Planning

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International tax

As globalization along with major geopolitical events influence your activities, it is vital to approach your tax compliance from a broader perspective. Apart from advising our clients on Belgian tax, we also have a vast experience in international tax matters. We accompany our clients in their international investments, offering comprehensive tax advice, performing ongoing and thorough monitoring of all EU legislative initiatives and of the impact of European Court of Justice case law in tax matters that may have a bearing on our clients and their assets on national, as well as international level.

Tax litigation

At Vanbelle our aim is to provide you with unmatched and customized support, across all direct, indirect tax-related controversies and disputes with the tax authorities. We advise on tax management, collection, penalty as well as inspection procedures and file claims with Belgian and EU administrative and judicial review bodies and courts.

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Over the decades we have been assisting SMEs, investment funds, banks, other financial institutions and high-net-worth individuals with consulting on strategic issues to reduce risk, establishing tax risk management policies, processes and procedures; managing tax audits and investigations, determining pre-litigation tactics and strategies, conducting settlement negotiations with the tax authorities, filing appeals and much more.

Corporate tax planning

Every successful business owner knows that effective tax planning is essential to increase firm’s cash flow, enhance net profits, create opportunities for growth, and finally reduce current tax obligations. Through efficient planning and structuring of business transactions, we help our clients avoid overpayment of tax obligations and seize opportunities for growth.

Retirement planning

In order to ensure that you have enough money to retire and maintain a comfortable standard of living, it is essential to plan your retirement. We help our clients prepare for retirement by offering effective tax and retirement planning techniques that help clients properly manage and maximize their financial worth.

Private client

While we have many clients with purely domestic interests, we also have a large number of clients with interests in a number of overseas locations. In a fast-moving and increasingly compliance focused world, the need for integrated advice that reaches across borders has never been more in demand than now. With our head office right in the heart of Brussels along with affiliate offices across Europe, we provide coverage that other boutique law firms in this area cannot match. We continually look for opportunities to ensure we have a strong presence in the locations where our clients live, work and invest.

Whether you require advice on legal and tax structuring for your business and investments, family and business governance, tax and estate planning or help with a vulnerable person in your family, we will deliver bespoke solutions to meet your specific needs.

Inheritance tax planning

Typically Inheritance tax (IHT) is tax that applies once the person is deceased, however, it may also be due on some transactions during your lifetime. In order to provide you with the best possible advice on your IHT stance, we carry out a through study about your existing assets and take into account what you would like to do with them before providing you with a tailored advice.

In majority of the cases early professional advice can save significant amounts of tax. Such advice can range from a simple ‘health-check’, for example, on whether your family will be subject to an inheritance tax charge in the event of the person’s of interest death, to refined tax planning arrangements. Our team of eperts has the flexibility to tailor advice to any individual’s circumstances and protect their interests at all times.

Financial criminal law

It is common for banks and financial institutions to come into conflict with financial criminal law. Such entities are confronted with a complicated legal framework of laws, recommendations, as well as guidelines and often find themselves under criminal investigation due to a violation of these rules. Allegations of offences under the financial criminal law may concern the use of insider knowledge of IPOs or secondary share offerings, prospectus fraud, or other acts that are punishable under the financial supervision law. Furthermore, financial institutions are also subject to extensive compliance requirements, such as prevention of involvement in money laundering. Vanbelle offers specialised legal support for every circumstance under financial criminal law.


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