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Reviewing the Ipod Advertisement

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Apple a wide known company, has lots of famous products for instance IPhone, MacBook and IPod, it all comes with Hi-tech and professional advertisement campaigns. IPod is one of the well-knowing product that impresses people to purchase it. There was an attractive advertisement that goes along with IPod between 2004 and 2005 which creates big influence it. I will critique on this advertisement campaign about what message it brings, accomplishments, disadvantages and give advices base on my prospective.

Before a critique, it is very important have a picture of the advertisement. It was a long lasting ad from 2004 to 2005, the main target was to sell their new model of IPod. It is a structured design that gives unity, starting with a rectangular base which is divided into four different parts. Each smaller rectangular is accompanied with one out of four luminous coloured background, including blue, green, yellow and pink, addition with a black shadow of a male or female figure in dance positions and most importantly a white IPod with earphones for each figure.

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This advertisement contains many outstanding elements, it conveys a smooth, straightforward feeling along with an influencing message to their audiences. The composition strongly brings out the key message, that the target market is not limited, generally speaking everyone can be entertained by IPod, and being satisfied by the amusement it brings. As the advertisement accommodates the figures in different style and positions, it shows pleasure and welcoming towards its audiences, no restrictions and is common. Although only three colours, black, white and its background colour is used for each part, but it clearly presents the product well, you would be able to focus directly on the purpose of the campaign, identifying it to be a product from apple. It is very successful back in 2004 and 2005, however it is still influencing now as it brings the message effectively, this is the reason why it is a long lasting advertisement campaign.

The advertisement has reach its goals, but there is also has ineffective and unsuccessful points. There are different versions of the campaign, every version uses four different poisoned figure design and repeated once to combine to become a group of eight to a larger advertisement. It would suggest repetition that could be created differently. Besides the repetition, it only repeats and uses dance moves which creates a monotonous feeling of the piece.

Nevertheless, improvements are always needed to bring it to a higher level, I have two major advices to this advertisement campaign. Firstly, is to create more positioned figure in the campaign and not repeating it for the use of divergent sizes, it can bring a wider and stronger message with no repetition. Lastly, is where it could consider more positions other then dance moves, notably, reading, working, exercising and other daily activities. This could link more closely to our regular everyday life, bring the connection stronger and solid towards its target audience.

Considering all these factors, the advertisement campaign of IPod is undoubtedly successful in persuading its audiences. On the other hand, it must be remembered that there are still improvements that could be used to advance the overall view and the way that it conveys its message in a more energetic and secure way. This influencing campaign will continue to help transmit the important message from Apple to its audiences.


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