Reviewing Two Different Methods of Data Mining

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Data mining is a process of searching through raw data and picking out useful information. Taking advantage of this huge amount of information that I gathered, usually on the Internet is extremely beneficial. Data mining looks for patterns through several different categories of events. Data mining is used in fields such as weather forecast, medicine, transportation, healthcare, businesses and etc. Focusing on businesses, they can use this to learn more about their customers and furthermore help to develop more effective marketing strategies. The goal of a business is to reduce costs and maximize sales and revenue, which is where data mining can be beneficial. Data mining is basically a tool for analyzing large amounts of data and helping to categorize it. For example, by a store having a membership card for example, any loyal customers who have that card are contributing to the company’s data. The store can track how many people are buying certain products and at what price in order to tailor future sales and coupons based on that collected data.

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Big data is a term used to describe any voluminous amount of data that mat be anywhere from structured to unstructured and arrives from many sources and various different formats but had the potential to be mined for further information., especially relating to human behavior and interactions. Having more data on customers doesn’t sound like anything but a benefit if one thinks about having a better understanding and insight of the demands of their customers to better tailor their demands. But big data can cause companies to become overloaded and become confused on which way to turn. Determining which data is the relevant data is the challenging part. The data could be numbers, which is easy to sort through and organize. But other types of data such as emails, videos, etc. take a lot more effort to organize. Big data usually includes much more information than the commonly used software tools have the ability to manage and process. Companies can use big data in various ways to help better reach their customers desires. Cracking the difficult customers is one benefit of big data. Big data will help with predicting what customers want before they even ask for it, provide them with data that is beneficial to them, and help improve customer service situations.

After searching on for jobs such as, “big data”, “data scientist”, “data analyst”, etc., I found that there were an abundance of jobs available in that category in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which is where I currently live. I plan to stay around this area or anywhere in the South Florida region like Boca, Weston, and West Palm Beach. The job listings range from a salary estimate of $45,000 all the way up to $115,000 at the highest. Of course it all depends on the your job responsibilities and skills based on how long you’ve been in the field. For my chosen profession, I plan on doing something in the field of business; I’m still torn between a few things. Whether I chose to work in human resources management, open up my own business, or manage any business in general, using data will definitely be a useful skill to have. In order to prepare for using data you have to be curious and creative. One has to be able to think of the research subjects that will enhance the understanding of your customers in order to convey that. Once you collect all the data, figuring out what to do with it is the challenging part where creativity comes into play. I definitely plan on learning different tools and techniques to work with data by taking classes at school such as statistics and research courses. Even just reading about a topic that I find interesting and finding stats and data could help to open my eyes about what companies really look for when collecting data.

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