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Revitalizing Digital Gaming Distribution with Ultra Blockchain Technology

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Game developers are the short end of the stick. Despite the annual massive growth recorded in the gaming industry, only a trickle of the revenues and developments gets to developers. For instance, the world PC game market blocked at 29 billion, which is a far cry from the previous year. The change from physical downloads to digits download has contributed greatly to this development. Major digital download platforms or app stores, such as Steam, Windows, and Apple are generally in charge of digital downloads of apps. This app stores have become the main hub for uploading buying, and downloads of apps. Users come on these platforms in order to procure different types of app based on their specifications.

What is Ultra?

The market for digital distribution of PC apps is increasing, and Ultra aims to tackle the problems facing this growing industry. Popular digital distribution platforms like Steam, earn a whopping 30 percent of the total revenue generated by an app. This sort of arrangement greatly cuts into the revenue of Ultra aims to build a top-notch marketplace and PC game publishing platform. Ultra will provide app developers with a ready-made platform that’s specifically designed to meet their preferences. In addition to this, Ultra utilizes blockchain technology to achieve transparency in transactions, faster processing of nano-payments. Blockchain technology will enable Ultra to offer better deals to producers and also offer better user experience to gamers. Mind you, gamers also get to earn on this platform irrespective of their gaming levels.

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Problems Solved By Ultra

The rapid rise in the growth of digital games distribution has created so many problems for both developers and gamers. Firstly, it had encouraged monopoly by gaming distributors or app stores. These centralized platforms act as walled gardens that prevent the entry of developers that do not conform to their outlandish regulations. Developers are made to conform because it’s extremely difficult selling their software outside of these platforms. On the other hand, gamers are finding it difficult to get a game that matches their specifications

Solutions Proffered By Ultra

More revenues and instant payment

We offer our developers a 50 percent increase in revenue than our present competitors. In addition, we facilitate instant payment for your apps. This fast and easy payment is better than the 60-day duration used by other digital gaming distribution platforms. A fast payment will enable developers to quickly re-invest their money in other ventures.

Ability To Grow Your Community

Developers can own specific communities and forums on this platform. This allows them to build a stable follower base on the Ultra platform. It also allows them to get feedback on their products. Users also get to benefit from an informative community where they can get all their latest updates. Lastly, users can earn Ultra coins though beta testing of new games and by curating new materials.


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