The Impact of the Digital Revolution on Human Authorization

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The digital revolution has launched a new era of human authorization and engagement across business, society and in every aspect of our lives. With digitalization life is much faster and smoother now. Never before has there been a more powerful effect on human behavior, regardless of country or culture, than the combined effect of digital technologies. The effects of this change on society are incredible and, in particular, are intensely changing our leadership responsibilities whether in politics, experts in business, teachers in school or parents raising children.

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Digital world is a platform that delivers huge value of comfort in our lives, allowing us to connect, and work together to broaden our minds – raising awareness about important issues, bringing people together for a common cause and achieving new technological innovations. But these very same technologies can also cause people to feel lonely and separated, making them away from each other to the mean intent of digital offenders. Relationship has taken a new turn in this new digital era. In recent times, even terrorist activity has drastically increased which is one of the worst effect of digitalisation.

So, do you think the children of this generation are getting influenced by the internet and the digital society? In 2004, the online platform started by Mark Zuckerberg and his co-workers which is known as Facebook, now Facebook is the social media choice of an estimated rough of more than 1 billion users all-round the globe. But the factor is that Facebook doesn’t put you face to face with anyone. It’s an online way to share your life with family and friends, your virtual “friends” community and/or the world. But the main issue is that what has caught us off guard is there are millions of young users below the age limit of 17 in are mostly glued to this world of Facebook.

Increasingly, people are enquiring whether the online fascination, from Internet browsing to constant texting, is good for the children. Social media is changing family life, youth peer relations and how people experience life. Yet the impact of such a quick and dramatic change in social norms is still not clear.

Today’s families are changing and getting different from what they were in the past. Technology’s impact on the 21st century family is breaking its very foundation, and causing a breakdown of core values that long ago were the block that held families together. Every aspect of common life, school, work, home, and community, all are highly dependent on communication, information, and transportation technology to make their everyday lives faster and more efficient. Entertainment technology (TV, Internet, video games, iPads, smart phones) has advanced so rapidly, that families have barely noticed the important impact and changes to their family structure and lifestyles.

Digitalization has also impacted on the monetary world. Instead of paper currency note people have now started using plastic card as the best way for all their transaction. Not only cards, there are now online payment portals which has enabled us to make payment to far off places.

But the social media can be positive at some times. Social media provides an area for them to stay connected with friends and classmates. Social networking can also help shy teenagers to have a more non-aggressive way to interact with friends or classmates because they are not working in front of each other. The social media keeps the youth up to date on what’s happening around the globe.

The reason of me choosing this question is that social media and digital technologies for children and the youth is a very controversial topic among the people because on one good way digital technology is very helpful but on the other it is highly harmful once fallen on wrong hands can cause destruction.

But these digital changes come at its costs as these new digital tools, because they are so powerful and easy to use, can be misused by the inexperienced or put to wrong use by the dishonest. They may offer new attractions for stealing valuable data and fraud. Researchers may find themselves speechless by the massive volume of data on the networks as they try to find ways to examine valuable information from important data. Protecting the integrity of research will require care and originality and probably the development of new technologies to improve the security of precious data and prevent fakes, use of false identities, and unauthorized changes to important data.

In the future Artificial intelligence will make a very huge influence on current day technologies. Basically, Artificial intelligence refers to the machine or a computer, being able to solve a basic problem or task done by human using natural intelligence. The algorithms and technology are synchronized in a way that it assists the humans with normal intelligence to perform a simple task without being given an order. And As the name says it enable the machine to learn to take actions in near future. AI in mobile and day-to-day life like (smart watches, iPads, tablets, google home, amazon Alexa, apple’s Siri, google assistant) is the emerging trend in future and it holds a very enormous potential to grow. But however, the artificial intelligence is still in the development process and still has a lot of space to grow and help humans in every field.

Cartoon Analysis 1

In this cartoon, we are able to see that there are two sections – one saying 15 years ago and the other representing today’s world. In the 15 years ago column we see that the person has a lot on letters that came on the post, but on the right side we see that the person is sitting in front of a computer and getting very excited on seeing him receiving an e-mail. As in that time e-mails were not so famous and at that time very few people only (in comparison to today) owned a computer. But on the today column we see that he same person has got 220 unread e-mails but on the right side again we see him getting excited on receiving a letter from the post. This is meaning that people have changed so much because of the digital revolution that they are beginning to forget what used to happen in the past.

Cartoon Analysis 2

In this cartoon, we see that on the left side is a small kindergarten child with a mobile phone and on the right side we see his parents. In the cartoon, we are able to see a kindergarten child in his school using a mobile phone and on the other side we are able to see his concerned parents watching their child live tweeting his first day in kindergarten. This Is meaning that small kids are getting their hands on a mobile phone and using social media for telling about his experience on his first day in kindergarten. So, kids in today’s world are concentrating less on their studies and giving their full attention on social media.

Cartoon  Analysis 3

In this cartoon, we see that there is a mother and a child talking. The mother is making her son understand the real world or the world that exists beyond video games by saying “see his is called the outdoors”. But the kid says that he has seen this (the outdoors) on one of his levels of his video games hence meaning that he is always in the virtual world of video games and does not come do and do any physical play.

I personally feel that children should have access to the digital world because there could be many things that could be learnt and researched through the internet, which are not possible with just reading text books. Although there are a few drawbacks of the internet like people keep glued to the internet/social media while driving or walking in roads which might turn in to a fatal accident. And if the internet falls in some bad hands, it can cause deadly consequence like terrorism and large scale hacking or digital frauds. We can take a recent example of the wannacry ransomware which caused many companies come to a complete stop because of their servers and computers being infected/ hacked by the deadly virus. Another drawback of the digital world to take an example is misuse of digital money.

Digital plastic money credit/debit card which is very small, handy and definitely more convenient than carrying loads of cash in a wallet but a credit/debit card is not safe and can be easily victimised. There can be skimmers in the credit card machines in local shops which will note down your pin and card number and all necessary data and you won’t even know about, and that data once fallen in wrong hands can cause a fraud from your account balance. In which case paper money which is cash and coins is much safer in this way than using a card everywhere. Therefore, in order to sum up: digitalization has brought us a beautiful life if people use it sensibly and vigilantly.

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