Influence and Role of Robotics in Modern Reality

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Revolutionary of industrial robotics birthed the development in the computing prowess and artificial intelligence; the robotics enabled robots the programmable of robot while the artificial intelligence paved way for the robotics advanced reasoning power.

Of recent, robotics has now being employed sensors in interacting with the physical world by doing a huge amount of tasks. But no doubt, the application of robotics had caved their way in many industries of today and yet the developmental progress has been snail-like in the making of cheap and easy to use robots which will provides our daily task in our home.

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Till date, the commonly developmental processes which is used mostly by robot manufacturing firm had has been very expensive in terms of production. This is ineffective for the daily consumer’s. It is very obvious that the problem of engineers who manufacturing robots has kept on struggling. Kambria platform saw the need of this and decided to provide solution within the robotic industry.

What is Kambria?

It is a robotics platform which was created for solving the void within the robotics industry by quickening its evolution process of the technologies of robot. The project team saw an important future which will be controlled by selecting a very few aspect and ethics within the robotic forum will make sure the developmental equate solution provider. It will make use of technological advancement to providing a lasting solution.

Components of Kambria

The kambria architecture has Fives pillars which are the manufacturing alliance, Code Base (KDNA), value capture, innovation marketplace and legal enforcement. All of these pillar will single handedly solve various problem in modern day robotic industry.

Current errors of robotic manufacturing process

  • Lacks of good abstraction and interfaces layers for both electrical, hardware, and software.
  • Lacking semantics tools in sharing the parts of designs to distributed networks.
  • The huge parts of the used effort are usually avoided.
  • The applications method of robotic is very expensive, slow and hard to develop.
  • Non sufficient high-level infrastructure and abstractions for the programming.
  • Very difficult in designing/building and /testing procedure.

Problem solving of Kambria

The Kambria solves the problem just by fastening problems of innovation to ensure there are cheap, fast and easy developmental. It believes by bringing together of an open cooperative ecosystem, whereby the contributions can be manufactured, implemented and share easily by the means of revolutionary.

Companies benefit from a mutually contributory procedure within the forum for building a customary development with no need of having to employ the teams of expert who are very difficult to maintain. The users will have the means of great quality of life at an affordable price with an available technology of services and products.

In conclusion, Companies will be able to benefit from a mutually contribution within the forum to building a customary development with no need of having to employ the teams of expert who are very difficult to maintain. The users will have the means of great quality of life at an affordable price with available services and products.

Kambria knows the addition of discounted cost, swift delivery, cut edge technologies will bring back a quick one for developers, manufacturers.

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