The Revolutionary Impact of Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs on the World

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Our nation has so many innovators and inventors. However, people remember only a few of them for their excellent achievements and accomplishments. This country is neither new nor short of excellent leaders who lead society with integrity and honesty. Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs were two phenomenal examples of such leaders and inventors our nation was lucky to have. Although, both of these fine men were as similar as they are different in their roles as leaders and innovators.

First of all, Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs were both excellent inventors in their own ways. Benjamin Franklin invented electrical products that we use in our daily lives. Some of his inventions were the lightning rod for protecting homes from lightning, and the Franklin stove for cooking with less wood and less fire danger. Nowadays lots of people use his invention of the bifocal lens. He also invented the machine urinary catheter which is used to test for gallbladder stones (Inventions and Improvements). Steve Jobs also invented technological products that people use in their daily life. Steve Jobs is mostly known for his Apple products like the MacBook, iPhone, iPad, iPod. These creative inventions made people’s lives more convenient.

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In addition, Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs were amazing leaders for the nation in their individual ways. Benjamin Franklin was one of the founding fathers of United States of America. He took part as a congressman in signing the Declaration of Independence during revolutionary war. He was a statesman, author, and diplomat for the U. S government. He was never a president though he always worked for the people. His sense of humor and helping nature helped him lead people in a strong and meaningful way. Steve Jobs was a co-founder of Apple Company. After a few years he became chairman and chief executive officer of Apple Company. Steve Jobs never concentrated on company profits. Instead, he wanted his best products to be used for the benefit of society. His revolutions led people into a new era of technology. Indeed, both of them helped create a better world for all of us with their creations.

Next, Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs did not have much education though they led good lives. Benjamin Franklin had to drop out from school at early age. This was because he was part of a large family, and his parents could not afford to send him to the good school. He took care of his family business after he dropped out from school. While managing his family business, he started helping people with his small inventions. Steve Jobs also dropped out from school and did not finish college. Instead, he joined a class related to computers. That class motivated him to start inventing. To sum up, their paths of education forced them to pursue completely different futures though they both dedicated their lives to making our nation stronger and better for everyone.

Furthermore, Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs both were morning people. Benjamin Franklin used to wake up early in the morning and run some errands before going to work. He used to have a well-disciplined routine for his daily life. A healthy diet and his passion for his work kept him healthy for long time. Steve Jobs also woke up in the morning and worked hard to serve the people. He used to eat lots of fruits such as apples which helped him come up with the idea of Apple products. In fact, their healthy working habits and disciplined routines led to commitment and passion of their work. Moreover, Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs had different personal paths of life. Benjamin Franklin was born January 17th, 1706 in the city of Boston (Short Biography). He married Deborah Read and had two children. The children’s names were Francis Folger Franklin and Sarah Franklin. Several years after, his wife got sick and struggled with strokes and eventually passed away. Benjamin Franklin got his first pleurisy attack before his marriage (Short Biography). He passed away at the age of eighty-four after serving the country for so long (Short Biography). Whereas Steve Jobs born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California (Steve Jobs). He married to Laurene Powell and they had three children. He was given to adoption, and he found his biological parents later in the life. He came to know that he was sick, he decided to take a long leave from his work. He handed over his Apple Company somebody else and took rest. For so many years Jobs struggled with pancreatic cancer until sadly passed away (Steve Jobs).

Though they both shared similarity in the good they did for our country, their lives were completely different. Lastly, Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs had their own hobbies and interests. In retirement, one of Benjamin Franklin’s hobbies was reading the books. In his later years, this hobby made him as a writer. He also had an interest of learning about new techniques. As a result, he could help his father in his printing business. Eventually, Franklin went on to publish full newspapers using his interest in printing techniques. Franklin also loved to travel, so he took a tour of all of England. Benjamin Franklin liked music a lot and with this hobby he invented a musical instrument called the Glass armonica (Inventions and Improvements). Yet Steve Job was a man of completely different interest and hobbies. He liked to listen to music using his invention of iTunes in his leisure time. The most important thing to him was to spend the time with his family. He used to watch movies made by the company he started: Pixar Movies (Steve Jobs). To sum up, Steve Jobs took great pride in being a family man whereas Benjamin Franklin loved to spend his time tinkering or part-taking in literature. Though these men shared such a distinct difference in hobbies and interests, they went on to shape the world for the better.

Clearly, Benjamin Franklin and Steve Jobs were truly great people. Though they had differences in their ways of life, they shared a lot of similarities in their goals for our country. This country was lucky to have had such excellent leaders and inventors. Their creations, commitment, inspiration, motivation, and passion allowed them to lead a successful life and achieve the goals they laid out for themselves and this country. Though they are no longer with us, we will always remember them for what they have done for this country and for being the embodiment of service and success through their inventions and contributions.

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