Rhetorical Analysis of the Kobe Bryant's Advertisement

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Table of Contents

  • Rhetorical Situation
  • Rhetorical Appeals
  • Logos 
  • Analysis 
  • Reflection

Rhetorical Situation

There are commercials everywhere in today's world. Because there are so many, ad designers need to find ways to differentiate their advertisements. Many sports drink brands use famous athletes to promote their products. In this ad Kobe Bryant, a well-known Basketball player is featured by Vitamin waters. It is one of the energy brands which gives out flavoured mineral water. The audience is intended to be athletes for this commercial ad. That's why Kobe Bryant is included. The company chooses Kobe Bryant to promote their product because they thought it would be easier to get someone who already drinks vitamin water. In its natural element, this commercial has an image of Kobe with the actual product in the background. The bottom of the advisement consists of achievements of Kobe, which helps attract customers who follow his career closely.

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Rhetorical Appeals


The First Rhetorical Appeals is Logos, which is a method of persuasion using logic. The name of the product implies that it is very healthy. In this drink, the vitamins are just what athletes are looking for to stay healthy and energized. Everyone else is also looking for something delicious, and this water makes them believe that water would have good taste. After looking at Kobe's achievements listed on the bottom of the product, it can help you become as good as him.


The Second Rhetorical Appels is Pathos. In this commercial, Pathos is used to give a sense of anticipation to the audience. Pathos also means an emotional appeal. To capture the attention of the listener, the persuader will use emotions like joy, sorrow, frustration, anxiety, affection, and many more. In this product, Kobe and the basketball he is holding is a little bit blurred, which can imply that he is moving very fast, which could make the audience think that this product can make them run fast. Kobe Bryant in this picture looks very fit, which can also make the audience expectation that if they drink the product, they will be fit like Kobe, which will encourage them to buy this.


The Last Rhetorical Appel is Ethos. To effectively encourage the audience, Ad makes credibility in their product, which is called Ethos. It is the most evident Appel used in this printed ad. This advisement features Kobe Bryant, who is a well-known pro basketball player. Due to that audience stars thinking that if Kobe drinks it, that they should too. Kobe Bryant, who is already a star in his career as an athlete, also idolized by millions of people when promotes a product related to athleticism, increases the sale by a lot.


The Analysis indicates that this ad primary purpose was to sell its product to young males or Athletes. They use Ethos, Pathos, and logos to differentiate their advertising from rivals. It was very effective because Kobe was introduced in the ad and was perfect for promoting this product.


As I have mentioned above that this ad was intended for young males and fans of Kobe. I am one of them. I was always looking to buy something other than water to drink which is very healthy. All the sports drink contains high level of sugars including Gatorade. I wanted something which had low level of sugar, which also keeps me healthy and tastes good. This vitamin drink was the answer I got. It has both low sugar and has vitamin which are healthy

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