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I learned many things about poetry over the last month. Poetry is a way to express intense feelings and ideas through style and rhythm. People use it to express feelings, themselves, ideas, to cope, or to simply write. This type of writing is a powerful informative mechanism. It is a very distinct way of writing in the literary field. When poetry is read, it makes the reader feel like there’s a connection between the writer and themselves. Poetry speaks out to many people under different situations. Poetry can be simple, difficult, old, and new. The systems of language and symbols and how they work is understood through poetry. Life experiences and inspections are related through poetic language. A lot of components that affect the flow of a poem. Many factors can be included.

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The structure of a poem can affect the thoughts of the reader. The lines frame the poem. A thought is completed at the end of every line. In difference, if there’s an enjambment, the definition is transferred from one line to the next. The stanza is the original section that includes ordered lines arranged in a pattern. Figurative language is a technique that can be used to define various meanings of a poem. Imagery put images in the reader’s mind that define more factors in a poem. Comparisons are powerful and common in poetry. A simile compares two things using the words “like” or “as.” A metaphor compares two things without using the words “like” or “as.” Personification compares human and nonhuman characteristics. Word choice affects the mood of the poem. Simple words can have a lot of emotion behind them and complex words could have little emotion behind them. Rhythm helps the poem flow. Rhythm puts down the line between poetry and regular speech. It forms the tone of the poem. Sound can go along with alliteration and assonance. Rhyme defines the music of a poem.

A poem still flows, with or without rhyme, depending on how the writer arranges the poem. Internal rhyme is when the words rhyme in the same line. A rhyme scheme is a pattern of rhyme. The three types of poetry are lyrical, dramatic, and narrative. Lyrical poetry is when personal feelings or emotions are usually expressed. The lyrics are often set to music. This type is usually spoken in first person. Dramatic poetry is when drama is written in verses to be spoken. Narrative poetry is when stories are told through versification. A lot of components are covered through poetry. This type of writing is often used as an opening for emotions to get through. Poetry has a unique language that uses and blends words to define feelings, ideas, signs, sounds, symbols, and gestures.

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