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Rich and Spectacular Honeymoon in Las Vegas

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You took full advantage of your big day. In your wedding dress you were radiant with your companion just as delighted as you to celebrate your union in his beautiful wedding suit . Your loved ones were at the rendezvous in their most beautiful costumes and evening dresses to celebrate with you this great stage of your life as a couple.

Marriage does not stop happily on this single day. Among the steps that will follow, you certainly expect with much impatience that of your honeymoon. Today, we invite you to discover a destination rich in surprises: Las Vegas!

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Getting to Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas is in the heart of the Mojave Desert in the state of Nevada in the United States. To get there, you will have to arm yourself with a little patience. There is indeed no direct flight from France and you will have to make at least one stopover . From Paris, allow a minimum of 15 hours to reach McCarran International Airport.

Concerning the administrative formalities, you will have to be able to present a passport with optical reading whose validity will have to be 6 months minimum after your date of departure. You will not need a visa from the moment you stay less than 90 days in the United States . However, you will need to complete an online form (ESTA) that allows you to travel and pay a fee at least 72 hours before flying to Las Vegas.

To stay on the spot

You will not miss hotel options. If you want to stay in the mood of your wedding theme , be aware that whatever style you choose for your D-Day, you will most certainly find a hotel related to your original wedding theme (Paris, Venice, Egypt, Middle East). Age, etc.)!

For a typical stay in the game’s hell, choose a casino hotel, one of Las Vegas’ most iconic institutions . You will also find a wide choice of luxury hotels but also comfortable three-star hotels often equipped with swimming pool.

The essential activities

Unable to get to Las Vegas without traveling the Strip, a 6-kilometer boulevard of the city’s finest casinos, but also the famous express wedding chapels, piano bars, nightclubs and other entertainment venues. You who liked more than all your wedding animations will not be bored for a second!

Beyond their activities, the casinos of the city will delight lovers of art and architecture. Meet at the Venetian to admire beautiful frescoes . Do not miss either to complete your album of original wedding photos by going to the fountains of Bellagio for a nice shot of your couple. You will also be dazzled by the visuals of the giant screen over a Las Vegas pedestrian street, Fremont Street .

Fans of thrills and challenges of all kinds, you may dare to bungee jump from the top of the tower Stratosphere . Know that you will still be 260 meters above sea level!

Escape in nature

Las Vegas is an extremely vibrant and bustling city and can sometimes turn you crazy! You may feel the need to move away for a few hours or even a day to find the great spaces of the United States.

In this case, know that you will find only a few hours drive very beautiful landscapes including national parks like Zion or Bryce Canyon for the full of nature. If you have the time, take your exploration of Nevada a step further and enjoy the stunning scenery of Grand Canyon and Monument Valley.

Do you want to propose an original wedding to your guests? Why not recreate the Las Vegas vibe in your room? To do this, take inspiration from the atmosphere of the casinos and plan a large number of wedding games !


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